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    so, first of all, hi again

    as you can see by searching my nick in this boards, I was around here for a few weeks some years ago, not doing it well for long.. Now here I am again, with a little bit of a plan, determined to do better this time!

    Bout myself, I’m now 18, boy from Germany, will have my Abitur this summer, and start studying informatics hopefully. I’m pretty weak, though having vorlleyball training two times a wekk, at least want to be stronger, that’s why I’m here again:)

    So my plan is doing it before heading of to school / starting the day on tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays. Hope this goes better, as all my previous attempts to training failed with lack of motivation after school..

    To a maybe better classification of my times, I’m doing pushups on fists, with elbows pointing behind me, not to the sides, to emphasise arms, not chest. I do the pullups under our stairs, so I can’t go chin above the bar, but I always try at least hitting the step above, so it’s like nose above the bar. Also, my palms are facing away from me, forwards. And I do prisoner squats, with hands behind my head.

    So now you know how I do it, and I can read it if I forget it myself, so first log here, made this plan afterwards, so it doesn’t adhere to it:)

    L1D2: 2013-03-12T17:34

    01:18, 01:31, 01:19, 01:24, 01:25

    Total: 07:00

    Oh, and I didn’t read the detailed instructions before, so I didn’t do the 3 mins rest between rounds, so I guess my times would’ve been much better :)


    So, according to plan, D2 again..

    L1D2: 2013-03-14T05:11

    01:24, 01:16, 01:12, 01:15, 01:25

    Total: 06:34

    So, not as much better with rest as I guessed, but this is just because it can’t get faster without making the exercises themself shorter, so this is minimum :)


    ..aaand, day 3:)

    L1D3: 2013-03-16T16:34


    Have to say, last rep of the pullups was kinda half-assed, so I’ll do L1 again next week, though I think I’d be ready for L2, but I deserve this penalty..


    Nice start! Welcome back. As you note, ,motivation is everything. I think trying to squeeze out those 20 minutes three times a week before school is a great plan.

    A few more weeks and I think you’ll start really seeing and feeling the results.


    Thank you for the encouragement. Unfortunately, I had severe belly aches yesterday evening (think it was some stomach acid in my gullet, but not sure..), causing me to stay up way to late to get up again around 5am, so I did not work out this morning, and won’t catch up now, because I have volleyball training this evening and the rest would be to short I guess..


    Back to it again, not letting it slip again, though I admit motivating myself from the warm bed into the hard work was indeed hard..

    L1D2: 2013-03-21T05:18

    01:10, 01:14, 01:19, 01:32, 01:26

    Total: 06:44

    this sixth fist pushup is really hard..

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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