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    So a quick intro from me. I started Simplefit today after on/off 100 pushup/20pullup plans and some KB, dips, misc dumbbell exercises over the past 6 or 7 weeks or so. I’m following a quasi-paleo/primal diet, aiming for lots of veggies, some fruit, and good proteins and fats, though I include some dairy. I have been able to lose 8 or so lbs, down to 157, and am close to my goal weight of 155. I’m more after fitness at this point, more so than weight loss.

    So tonight with L1D1 was able to knock out 36 rounds, which was more than my goal of 30, which was my max pullups over 5 sets from previous workouts, and what I feel is my weak point. After the 20 mins I tried one max set of pushups and reached 21, which I was very happy with.

    I hope keeping a log here will help with the motivation and keeping with a set plan for more than a month at a time, as I battle a little workout ADD. I’ll see how that goes, as I already want to add dips, lunges, planks and some KB stuff, which I have been doing alongside the other exercises the past couple months.

    Have you guys added other routines into simplefit, other bodyweight exercises, or cardio, as I like to row on my erg, and do alot of hiking as well.


    Started with 5 mins row on erg for a warm up

    L1D2: 29,29,30,31,31 secs

    Should finish off level 1 on friday and move up. As the pullups and pushups didnt seem enough I added 4 sets of 3 pullups, 15 pushups.

    Excited about next week as my work schedule changes and will have time before leaving in the morning to get my workouts done. Right now I leave the house at 5am and get home at 7p, and its been hard to find the motivation some days to get the workouts done.


    Hi Bj,

    I would suggest moving up to at least level 5. With your history of working out and the 30+ rounds on Level one your more than ready to move into that realm. Remember you want what is going to challenge you the most for your best fitness level. If you hadn’t worked out in a while I would say go up level by level but it looks like your ready. Good luck!



    warmed up with 3 sets of 2/3/5

    for the workout 2:14 pullups 5/3/2, pushups 21, squats 21.

    Still need to work on the pullups, hopefully those will improve over the next few weeks.

    Going to move on to level 4 next week as that level is exactly double level 1, should be there for at least a few weeks as the 20 pullups on day 3 should be rough.


    Finally got back to my dip workout:

    warm up: 5 mins on erg

    5 sets of:

    5 parallel bar dips

    10 lunges each leg

    30 sec plank

    finished with some dumbbell curls and shoulder presses. Excited to jump to level 4 next week and start my new work schedule. That should make working out easier, though I lose my only real excuse ) Just received my Ironmaster adjustable kettlebell, and will be incorparating that into the workouts next week.


    Jumped up to level 4

    L4D1: 18 rounds

    Developed a splitting headache after 5 rounds that really slowed me down, a bit disappointed as I was hoping for at least 20. The 18 matches the total reps from 36 rounds of level 1, so not too bad considering the headache. Hopefully will beat the 18 rounds comfortably next week.


    make sure you are hydrating well and see a doc if the headache persists.


    5 min row to warm up

    5 sets of:

    dips 5

    lunges 10

    plank 30 secs

    humbling exercise of the day: Turkish get up. Kicked my ass, quivering in sweat on the floor, lol, 3 each side.


    5 mins row

    L4D2 1:02 :57 :59 1:04 1:01 total time 5:03

    Not too bad, think Ill be here on level 4 for a few weeks, I’ll see how D3 goes. Finished with some DB exercises for back, shoulders


    Bad second part of the week:

    Thurday: planned day off after 3 days of workouts, that was fun )

    Friday: work schedule changed back to morning, so no workout before work, and had people over for the night sacked out in the spare room/workout room when I got home: No workout.

    Saturday: Mom visiting down from NH for the night, staying in the same room where my equipment is locked behind the fold-out sofa bed: No workout

    Sunday: all visitors gone by 6p, get workout room squared away and try L4D3:

    I set my goal for my first try at D3 for 8mins: 5 mins for pullups, 2mins for pushups, 1min for squats

    actual L4D3: 9:40,

    4:55 on the pullups: 7,3,3,2,2,1,1,1 was pretty happy here, the 7 in my PR, so that was encouraging

    3:20 on the pushups: 20,10,6,5 really stunk it up here, thought I would have done better with these

    1:25 on the squats: 41 with a pause or 2 here, was pretty much what I expected, just a bit slow

    Overall, worse than I was hoping for, but not the best week of workouts, plus I ate like crap. Hopefully will improve this week before vacation, leaving for Miami Beach next Sunday, yay!!


    row 5 mins

    L4D1 23 rounds, up from 18 last week

    finished with TGU, 25lbs.



    5 min row

    4 sets of 7 dips, 5 OH lunges with 25lb KB, 45sec planks

    increased plank lengths, and added the OH KB to the lunges. Felt OK after this, will add more reps and a set next week.


    5 min row







    total time 4:52 about 10 secs faster than last week

    Finished with extra 5 sets of pullups(2) and pushups(10).


    Friday day off

    Sat: L4D3


    pullups: 8,4,3,3,2 3:40ish

    pushups: 20,11,10 1:40

    squats: 41 :49

    7:09 was 2:30 faster than last week, shows what happens when I get a good week of training I guess. Good progress, I was hoping to beat this level in a total of 4 weeks and have 2 weeks left, so I have a chance at it if I can keep my progress. Im leaving tomorrow for South Beach for a 4 day vacation with the wife, hope to get one workout in, but Ill be surprised if that happens, lol

    finished with 5 sets:

    TGU 3 reps with 25lbs KB

    2-handed Swings


    Sunday-Wed: vacation in South Beach Miami, did nothing more strenuous than lying on the beach

    Thurs Oct 13: L4D1- 3rd week on Level 4:

    26 rounds, up from 23 last week.

    I was a little worried about a hangover from doing nothing for 4 days, but still made some progress from last week, I’m happy with that.


    Fri: 5 sets of: 5 parallel dips, 5 OH lunges with 25lbs, 45sec planks

    Sat: L4D2 4:50, 2 secs faster than last week.

    Vacation is over, need to get back to working out in the mornings, I haven’t been doing enough this week. Plus, I need to start training for a 150 mile winter hike in 4 weeks, hopefully that gets me a bit more motivated.

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