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    I like the simplicity of this plan, so I thought I’d give a try.

    I know that I can’t do regular pull-ups, so I made some substitutions.

    Week 1

    Friday, March 27, 2009

    D1L1: 55 rounds.

    My pull-up substitution was as follows. For the first 30 rounds, I did an assisted pull-up with unassisted negative. That is, I used a foot peg to help lift my bodyweight up to my chin above the bar. Then I eased myself back down with full body weight. As my form started to slip in the negative, I switched to hanging a towel over the bar and doing a slanted body-row. That was what I used for the remaining 25 sets.

    In retrospect, I might have started at a higher level. I figured that since I wasn’t doing true pull-ups anyway, I might as well start low. I also didn’t want to work so hard that I blow up and can’t continue with the program for the next week or more.

    I’ll finish out week 1 at Level 1, then see where I go from there.

    Oh, and my current stats to keep myself motivated:

    35 yo, 265 lbs, 6’4″



    Be careful about using the negatives as an exclusive sub – you’ll hurt your elbows!!! Put body rows in the mix!


    Right on vbm


    Ok, I’ll bite. What is the risk of doing negatives? Hyperextension of the elbow if you are not in control? Or something else that I haven’t thought of.

    I read the intro that recommended negatives as one method of substitution. And I know from weight lifting that more work/growth is done in the negative phase of the exercise. Does that principle not apply here?

    It was my hope that by doing negatives more than body rows I might improve sooner to the level of doing regular pull-ups.

    Thanks in advance.


    The “good” thing about negatives is also a bad thing. Doing them allows you to work past your normal capacity. A move like pullups can be really tough on the elbows anyway – negatives are just something you should moderate. Maybe on D2 only. use the body rows sub. Get an elastic (pallet) band to reduce the load on reg pullups.


    Still a good bit of soreness from D1. Pushup and squats weren’t too much for me, but the pullups were something that I hadn’t even attempted in a while.

    L1D2 = 2:58

    I’ll finish out the rest of Week 1 at Level 1, but I think I’ll move at least to level 2 next week.

    And, as vbm suggests, I’ll need to work out some additional subs for pullups. I definitely want to get to the point where I can do unassisted pullups for the workouts, but not at the risk of injury that keeps me from doing the workouts altogether.


    Keep that attitude!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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