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    Well right now my first step is to just maintain and hold a regular workout 3 days a week and to maintain writing in here as a log. Doesn’t seem like a lot for goals at the moment, but it’s about all I can handle with my work schedule. Ultimately I would like to complete the “benchmark girls” on Small steps first. Love your ideas. I recommend this website to a lot of my patients here.


    Great to have you here! Those sound like great goals.


    Looks like one of my kids is getting motivated to have a go. He wants to start with me tomorrow.

    I went out and bought some 4x4x10. Dug em in 2 feet and layed the concrete today. Got a workout with the posthole digger as i had to go through 2 feet of clay. So my homemade pull up bar is about ready. Might be dry enough by tomorrow.

    Minor goals to complete for my gym:

    1. figure out how to get a climbing rope put up where I’m at. No trees and the garage is walled in. :?:

    2. Make a box for box jumps.

    3. Buy the matting for the gym.

    4. Get a rower sometime. Really like the one Crossfit recommends.

    5. Gonna have to figure out how to set up for Dips too.


    Get rings, you can use them for push ups, pull ups, and dips!


    I was thinking about that. I seem to have an issue with finding wall studs heh. 🙄 Maybe if I can do it without destroying my ceiling I’ll get some in. Heck for that matter I can probably put up a rope for climbing too.


    Just found out there is a whole group of folks doing Crossfit within my organization. One of my patients mentioned it to me. He said to run the rings right off the pullup bar. Good idea. I didn’t think about that. Dips should be interesting on it but I’ll give it a shot.


    Yeah I hang my rings from my pull up bars as well works fine. Watch the shoulders on the dips and slowly increase range of motion.


    That sounds good I think I’ll give it a shot. My legs are jello! My arms and chest are dead! hehehe. Good feeling though. It’s been a long time. Liked this workout a lot. I kinda felt like I was gonna dread it lookin for the time to end but pretty much enjoyed the whole thing. Didn’t go all out though. I figure to hit em slow and easy for a while and concentrate on form/function. Liked adding the 10 second planks although I’m not sure how three of us are going to keep a steady beat on L1D2 adding the L’s in there. We may have to just alternate. We plan on doing 10 seconds for those too. See how it goes. Once again, awesome website. I’m pretty psyched today.


    Adding a smaller goal in here. I’d like to hit level 5 by the end of summer. Not sure how fast I’m going to progress so I’m giving it to the end of September.

    This goal is my attempt to maintain the program.


    May have to up the goals a bit. Pretty sure I’m gonna surpass lvl 5 by end of summer. Going to just continue going up each week if I get within the times.

    Tuesdays are cardio/sprints/etc. I have to run some. It’s too much a part of me to not add that in heh.

    My goal with that is to get under 10 minutes doing 1.5 miles. Little lofty for a 43 year old man. I’ll be happy with 12. Currntly its 15 minutes at a medium pace.


    Ok gonna get a bit more definitive here.

    1. Maintain a stretching program daily throughout the summer. Basically I want to put a half-hour daily into it to improve my poor flexibility. This is going to be a passive exercise outside of my normal workout routine. I use the crossfit demo for stretching before doing the “WOD”.

    Going to start with 30 seconds each of

    Calf hamstring

    quads ITB

    Hip flexors piriformis

    Chest lats

    Shoulder Tricep

    Bicep Neck

    2. Be on the Level five workout by end of August 2007. Or ready to move up.

    3. Two days a week work on sprints and 1.5 mile run for fitness standards.

    – One day of the week will essentially be intervels on the treadmill. Right now I’m beginning them at level 6 going up to level 8 during the sprints. Its one minute sprints and full recovery to bring heart rate below 120 then repeat.

    —Secondary goal here is to bring the intervels up so I’m getting under 12 min during the 1.5 mile run.

    -The other run day will be a straight 1.5 mile run at a moderately intensive pace. This day will be run dependent on how I’m feeling (fatigued, stressed, etc.)

    4. Practice the Planche and Lever as part of warm-up to develop balance and coordination. Hopefully some strength too!

    5. Each of the three days of the week going to do abdominals after the workout.

    D1 3-4 sets of 30 second planks. I’ll adjust this based on intensity if too easy

    D2 3-4 sets of 30 situps

    D3 3-4 sets L’s 30 seconds. Goal here is to get legs fully extended. Hopefully stretching routine will improve that some.

    Not sure if I will need to adjust abs down some if I’m too fatigued. I want some intensity but trying to avoid complete failure.

    Ok so ultimate goal here is to maintain all of this throughout the summer. Pretty sure I’ll be adjusting as I go and either adding or dropping things. Thats okay too. Any advice (as always) is much appreciated.


    Out of all that I forgot something.

    Warmups are essentially jumping rope for 5 minutes. This is a pretty light jumping. Nothing spectacular. I also hit a speed bag for about 5 minutes doing singles and doubles increasing speed over time.

    Will also add jump rope about every third week (I hope) to replace the 1.5 mile run. Goal here is just to maintain a constant jump for time.

    If I feel really good at the end of the workout I’m going to do one minute rounds of the heavy bag practicing my jab, hook, cross etc. essentially just doing combinations. This part won’t be fixed and will be based on how good I’m feeling.


    Sadly enough I haven’t progressed to the abs yet. I’ve been working hard on the L4 section and pretty fried at the end. So basically I been wussin out on that part.

    Found a good sticking point here and working down towards the five minute range on L4D3.

    I’ll base the abs on how I’m feeling.


    Adding a bit of a change to the goals.

    Going to try to add weight during the D2 portion. I want to get much stronger and I think it will help. Lookin for a weight vest but in the meantime,

    Pullups= weighted bar – prbly start with 10 lbs.

    pushups= elevated – gonna have to cushion hands. Strained wrist on the cement floor last time.

    Squats= 20lbs wall ball. Should give me good practice to learn the clean, snatch etc. pretty much just going to try to do a clean with it initially.


    I saw a weight vest at Wal-Mart.

    Target probably has them too. I would think the quality would be ok since it’s not hi-tech.

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