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    what do you think about this meal. made it tonight and i couldn’t tell it wasn’t carryout.

    8 chicken wingettes – (880 calories 12 unsaturated 5 saturated 68 protein)

    1 tbsp canola oil – 120 calories, 1 saturated, 4 polyun, 8 monoun)

    1 tbsp buffalo sauce (2 carbs, 25 calories, 2 unsaturated fat)

    1 tbsp blue cheese dressing (11g unsaturdated, 3g saturated, 100 calories, 1 carb

    celery (10 calories, 2 carb, 1 protein)

    water for the burrrn!

    total – 1135 calories, 9 saturated, 37 unsaturated, 5 carbs, 68 protein

    overbaked the chicken to get alittle extra crispness. fried in canola. tossed wings in bowl w sauce. served on plate with wings in middle and celery angles at sides with blue cheese in between.

    but wait!

    when I was done ‘frying’ the wings, all the canola oil was still in the pan (i poured it back into the measuring spoon to check how much it was, and it was pretty much all of it). now does this mean most of the fat and calories from the oil weren’t absorbed by the chicken? that would be amazing, because the taste sure was. if this is the case then the new total would be:

    1015 calories, 8 saturated, 25 unsaturated, 5 carbs, 68 protein

    (maybe alittle higher with some of the oil absorbed, but really it filled a tablespoon after i was done frying)

    given my lunch is usually few strawberries and nuts and an apple or plain garden salad, i think it makes for a decent meal. i could probably scale it down to 6 wings and add more veggies if that would make it better.


    As I understand it, the issue with frying foods is that heat applied to oil creates trans-fats.


    Transfats occur naturally. They are also created by the process of partial hydrogentation, where (usually) vegetable oil is heated, under pressure, in the presence of a catalyst http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transfats” class=”bbcode_url”>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transfats

    As for using canola oil, I have read that it, among many other things, can cause our bodies to produce excess estrogen hormones in our bodies. I don’t know the science behind that statement, but I use olive oil insted. It has a lower smoke point than canola oil but it is healthier IMO.


    I bought both canola and olive oil to see any taste differences. next batch I’m using olive.


    Sith wrote:

    I bought both canola and olive oil to see any taste differences. next batch I’m using olive.

    Like samjackson mentioned, olive oil has a lower smoke point so don’t crank your stove to high when trying to fry with olive oil.

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