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    Hi all. new to this forum. Think the site and idea of it is great, so looking forward to continueing with this.

    About me.

    I’m 33 year male. 5ft 6. 11 stone I’ve trained in various martial arts but not for several years. followed ross training and rippetoe but also not for years.

    Today started the programme at level 1 although i feel could of started at a higher level but am going to do the programme from the start.

    L1/D1 = 52

    After did 20 BW dips

    All exercises done with good form but did press ups off push up stands as my wrists hurt doing them palms flat on floor.plus feel are better on the stands with the increase ROM

    I feel i could of done more but was going steady as not trained properly for a while and didnt want to injure myself.

    quite happy with day 1 :D


    Just completed day 2 didnt use 3 min for rest maybe will when workouts get harder.

    L1/D2 = 1.38.74

    just had 1 min rest inbetween sets.

    Finished with 3 sets of 10 dips with 5 kg added


    completed day 3 today

    L!/D3 = 1.38

    finished with 10 chin ups, 20 bw dips, 10 ab wheel rolls

    10 chin ups, 15 bw dips, 10 ab wheel rolls


    L2/D1 = 50

    finished with 3 sets of 12 ab wheel rolls

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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