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    If you are a developer with a good understanding of facebook API I would like to make a simplefit app and would appreciate any help.

    Here is what I want to make:

    a Facebook application that allows you to challenge your friends to any day/level you choose, and to track your performance against performance of friends for bragging rights, I would also like to have a “how fit are you challenge” that would be a wimpy challenge for newbies.

    Anybody have the skills and interested?


    thats a great idea Kev. wish I had some skills in that arena.


    Thanks, I am sure something will turn out.


    Any update on this? I’m not sure about an FB app (sounds complicated) but what about an iphone app (or even a web app that would work in the iphone browser)? I have the skills for a slick web app if anyone would be interested. I’m only a few weeks into my latest attempt at simplefit, but will be sticking with it to train for Tough Mudder in May. I don’t like tracking everything in excel or google docs and would like more powerful visualizations where I can track other stats along with my SF stats.

    Anyone else interested?


    I would be interested in helping out possibly. I’ve got a comp sci degree but no specific experience in iPhone/fb as of yet. Would probably be useful to get some of that under my belt. PM me if you’re seriously interested.


    Please email me at my account email, I have developed one small FB app before and would be willing to help!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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