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    My goal is to utilize simplefit to prepare me for crossfit. I hope to go through all the simplefit levels and then make the transition. I workout with a partner and do not have a stopwatch so times are not super accurate.

    9/25/07 – Tuesday

    Level 2 – Day 1 Max rounds for time

    cdoubled05:24 rounds

    workout partner: 26 rounds


    9/27/07 – Thursday

    Two friends and I did level 2 day 2 today. It was tougher than I thought it would be. Another simple but effective workout! Group average time was 7 minutes.


    Welcome cdoubledO5! You are off to a great start, and congrats on getting some workout buddies to do this with you.



    Nice start, welcome!


    Thanks for checking out the log guys! Missed my Saturday workout so my workout partner and I are going to get it done tonight. L2D3 here we come!


    9/30/2007 – Sunday

    L2D3: 5mins 30secs!! woot

    Push ups seemed to be the hardest.

    Partner and I both did this workout again. We have not missed one since we started L2D1!!


    10/02/07 – Tuesday


    cdoubled05: 18 rounds

    workout partner1: 20 rounds

    workout partner2: 18 rounds

    Partner2 was not really doing pull-ups though..

    My pull-ups felt pretty solid. Really tough workout!


    10/04/07 – Thursday


    I think I might have messed up with the time…was using a regular wrist watch.

    Going to say anywhere in between 5mins 15secs – 6mins.


    10/06/07 – Saturday

    L3D3: 6 mins 36 secs

    I could not do all 16 pull-ups and had to do three negatives. Push-ups were hard, did sets of one after I got tired. I did all 33 squats without rest. Going to do L3 again after a rest week. I have only logged two weeks of simplefit and am due for a rest.


    Enjoy it!


    10/09/07 – Tuesday


    cdoubled05: 33 rounds

    partner 1: 32 rounds

    partner 2: 25 rounds (partner 2 still can not do pull-ups and said he felt some pain while doing negatives)

    Did some hangs from the bar after workout. Did pronated, supinated, and mixed grip hangs from pull-up bar for as long as possible. After that partner 2’s girlfriend went on a 1.6 mile walk with us. Partner 2 and I did an extra little jog after the 1.6 miles.

    Feeling good!


    10/11/07 – Thursday

    L1D2: 3mins 48secs

    Did the newbie routine from and I can barely type this..

    One arm plate pinch two 10# plates smooth side out. 15 seconds each arm.

    Finger curls with oly bar 15 reps

    Wrist curls 15 reps

    Reverse wrist curls 15 reps

    Did two sets of that and some dead hangs from pull up bar.

    *Also did the 1.6 mile walk this morning at 6:15am with my new walking buddy.


    Did a second workout today with partner 2. We each did a half a deck of playing cards.

    Black = Push-ups

    Red = Squats

    Any face card = 5 burpees

    Ace = 1


    10/12/07 – Friday

    Went to the local park with my workout partners. We did sprints up and down the field. I don’t have a stop watch so we just sprint down the field and walk back. Partner 1 felt sick like he was going to puke. Partner 2 and I stayed to play a game of 21 after partner 1 left. My left knee felt a little funny after the run.


    10/13/07 – Saturday

    L1D3: I did not time todays workout. It’s a rest week and I know it was definitely under 5 minutes. No stopwatch.

    Finished off with the same grip strength routine from last workout. Also did a fair amount of jump rope with workout partners. I watched some Buddy Lee (I think thats his name) video and it really improved my basic bounce with the rope. I feel like I will be able to do double unders soon.

    Also whipped out my Precision Nutrition kit again! Honestly folks, I think this is pure gold. I bought it when it first came out and it was $100 I think. The forum is amazing…there are a ton of e-books, e-articles, routines, diets, and plenty of other great stuff. Reading through all this stuff again is really doing wonders for my motivation.

    Tonight for example, I used one of John Berardi’s strategies, the Sunday ritual. I bought about $13 worth of veggies and chopped half of them and stored them in plastic bags in my fridge. Makes meal prep a snap. I am unemployed and unfortunately have no money to purchase the food I would like to eat. So I try to stick to my PN guidelines (7 habits) as much as I possibly can. Feeling really good about training and nutrition right now. I have a small group of people really thinking about there health now. It’s cool.

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