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    Decided to start on day 2 since I ordered my pull up bar and it just got here.

    Day 2, Level 3

    5 rounds, for time

    Time: 4:03

    Probably will try Day 3, Level 4 to step it up a notch, no idea what timeframe I should be shooting for.



    Did pullups randomly throughout the day whenever work got me a little frustrated (worked form home).

    Did interval running – stretch, warmup 4 minutes, (1 min run, 2 min jog) x 5, cooldown jog for a few minutes.


    Sore today from yesterday, but time to get to it. Decided to go level 3 instead of upping to level 4. Seems a bit daunting, we’ll see how it goes :)

    L3D3 – 4:46

    Think I’m actually going to do Level 3 again next week, my form was a little sloppy on the pushups since the pullups just completely DRAINED me. :(

    Good luck everyone else!


    Weekend Update

    Saturday: Rest, did about 20 minutes of light weight exercises (10 lb weights) and 100 situps.

    Sunday: Interval running in the morning (20 minutes), played Ultimate Frisbee and Soccer in the afternoon for about 1.5 hours.

    Will play Ultimate again today for 1.5 – 2 hours and do L3D1. Curious to see how many rounds I can do. Got some other people to try pullups. My goal is to be able to do 10 in a row. Need to work on my form as well, lowering myself further.



    25 circuits

    Had to use a 1-leg chair assistant on the last 12 sets of pullups. I just can’t get them for some reason. Could’ve done way more sets without those.

    After workout did 100 situps, then 20 more pushups and 20 more squats.

    No Ultimate Frisbee today.


    Yesterday (6/14)

    HIIT Sprinting for 20 minutes.

    5 minute warmup

    (20 sec sprint, 60 sec walk, 60 sec jog) x 9

    3 minute cooldown jog

    Felt better than my previous 1 min sprint / 2 min jog and also better than 1 min sprint / 1 min walk. In either of those … I couldn’t sprint for a solid minute. I don’t even know that it’s possible. With 20 sec sprint, I could really put all my juice into those sprints. I was equally as tired in the end, I’m actually more sore today than I was the day after previous HIIT/interval runs.




    Will do some extra pushups / pullups / squats / situps now.



    Didn’t have time for a run, so at night I did 100 situps, some squats, ran in place for a while and some misc leg/knee exercises (I have 2 bad knees) while watching Season 1 of Louie. Great show!





    Level 4!


    25 reps

    Pullups were MUCH easier this week – didn’t use any stool assistance until the 23rd set. Wow!

    Squats are starting to be the most painful part :)

    Moving to Sunday / Tuesday / Thursday due to other weekday commitments.


    1.25 hours of Ultimate Frisbee – good times!




    Probably going to do some squats and whatnot.


    I realize that I’ve never clearly stated any of this, so for clarification:

    Age: 31

    Height: 5′ 10″

    Weight: 158 lbs

    Diet: Lower calorie in the beginning, but now I’m try to eat more meat, less carbs. Not insane about it or anything. No sodas, little refined stuff. Lots of fruit every day. Been eating more healthy and lower calorie for about 2 months (back then was between 165 and 170 pounds).

    Goals: Become stronger, faster, and have lower cholesterol. I’d prefer to build muscle and lose fat, but only because they aid my goals otherwise.

    On non-simple fit days, I run intervals, play some frisbee, or just do misc non-arm exercises.

    On to the work!


    pullups 5-4-4-3-2-2

    pushups 10-10-10-6-5

    squats 41

    total time: 6:20

    Ouch. Need to get that below 5 minutes!

    Peachtree Roadrace 10k next weekend and I haven’t run distance in a while. We’ll see how that goes :)


    Welcome abroad. Peachtree? Do you live in GA?

    We used to live in Alpharetta but are currently living in Hong Kong. We move back next June.


    I live in Tucker, near Atlanta.

    Unfortunately for these boards, I just joined a gym to try out weight lifting, but I may be back, who knows? :)


    I’m Back!

    I took 8 weeks to do gym work to increase my strength, but I’m back to doing more bodyweight-oriented exercises. I did Stronglifts 5×5 and I’ve definitely increased strength, but not necessarily endurance.

    I decided to pick up on Level 4 which is where I left off last time.

    L4D1 – 30 rounds

    Not bad! Definitely better than the last time I did this test (25 rounds), but not gigantic improvement. On another note, I’ve still been doing pullups regularly, so that is the least intensive portion of the rounds – I think push ups are the hardest now!

    Good luck to everyone!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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