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    Thank you Kevin, Cheapo, Volleyballman, ucffool, splint, scumdogg, zorg and the whole SimpleFit community.

    When I joined SimpleFit I was 40lbs overweight… the heaviest I had ever been, and after a lifetime of being a competitive athlete, this was so hard for me. My friends kept telling me I “looked” fine. Well, I didn’t FEEL fine, or even moderately good.

    I found this site and started doing the workouts. I was very sporadic. One thing we forget is how hard it is to workout when you’re heavy. I felt awkward and uncoordinated (and goofy). But I kept at it.

    From this site I migrated over to the Crossfit main site and found a Crossfit affiliate in my city. I did the boot camp, joined the box, got a bit stronger, but didn’t notice much change. I was not impressed with the trainers’ level of knowledge. I suppose I wasn’t drinking the Kool-Aid.

    I continued with SimpleFit instead and by March had lost 16lbs, but then put 10lbs back on. Hey… I’m human!

    In August I moved to a smaller town and was lucky that there was a Crossfit box, in fact three. I picked one and as soon as I joined I knew it was the right place. Super experienced coaches who had deep background in sports and knew how to train people of all different capabilities.

    As I got stronger they pushed harder. And I worked harder.

    And my abs get a super workout everyday from laughing so hard. (It is a great group to train with.)

    My latest update is that I am now 27lbs down from my weight on Sept 1, 2009. I’ve lost 8″ from my waist and I’m back into the old dress/pant sizes I always used to wear (I dropped 4 sizes since Sept 1).

    My benchmark lifts are getting higher each day. Last week I went up 25lbs on my front squat. My deadlifts, back squats, cleans and presses are improving by the week and I am doing almost every exercise as Rx’d.

    So huge kudos to everyone at SimpleFit for helping me. Just reading your posts, being part of this very positive community kept me going. I still do SimpleFit and have hooked a few friends to it.

    Hope everyone has a great year in 2010. I’m going to!



    It’s damn cool that you’re staying with it, and not simply giving up. I think that in the end, this is much more important than numbers, weights or times.

    What you’re saying about your recent progress makes me jealous; there are no CF affiliates where I live. :)

    Keep on going!

    For the new year, I’ve switched to CF Barbarian Fitness; a 3/1/2/1 schedule with an emphasis on strength work. It’s smoking me, and I like it. Now I plan to become an inhuman beast! :D


    Thanks. My new motto is: Just show up.

    I’m not even concerned about the “just do it”… if you show up, the rest will take care of itself.

    It has been longer than I thought to get back to some semblance of where I once was. But I have truly learned a lot along the way (oh my gawd I’m going to end up on Oprah if I keep talking like this! — ahhhhhhh)

    Good luck with your new sked. Remember to keep stretching… esp after the super heavy session.


    That’s awesome! Sounds like you’re having a blast and what better way to stick with an exercise program than to make it fun. I think you’d be a great spokesperson for CF to those people intimidated by the beasts on

    I’m in the same boat as zorg and there’s no CF affiliate close by. I’ve been accumulating my own equipment and have been doing the stronglifts 5×5 program for the winter. I’ll jump back to SF/crossfit when the weather warms up again.


    Thanks for the input. Hey. I notice that you are a Canuck too.

    Ahh yes Canada… Nine months of winter and three months of bad tobogganing.

    Don’t let the rotten weather stop you. My mom always said; “No such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.”

    Our trainers are gleefully waiting for MORE snow so they can make us do Murph outside. I said they were good trainers. I never said they were nice.

    And I know, like the rest of us, you are in mourning this week (5-6 in overtime!!??!!)


    That loss was a heartbreaker. I loved when the U.S. coach said they won because they played a “Canadian” style of game. We’ll get ’em next time.

    I can’t imagine doing Murph in the summer let alone with snow on the ground đŸ˜¯ You’re a machine :D

    I try every winter to go running in the snow but always end up slip-sliding around and nearly killing myself, so now I am content to get my cardio by shovelling the snow from our driveway and the surrounding neighbour’s driveways. As it is, I still have to bundle up to do 5×5 since I workout in my uninsulated shop and do chins out on the back porch. It provides a nice symmetry though; start off cold and shivering, finish up hot and sweating.


    Thanks for the nod LADY! I give to receive. I have received much from what goes on and has gone on on this board!


    I’ve been struggling to work out and just came back after a 2 month layoff to find this! Thank you and all the best to you in 2010 and beyond!


    I’m with you on that.

    Four years ago I went though hell. Family member dying, assaulted in the street, job loss and lawsuit (over parents will). Working out fell off the radar. But, I learned to look at my life in big chunks instead day to day.

    How have you improved over the last 5 – 10 years… don’t get crazy about the day to day.

    If nothing else… please know that you were one of my inspirations when I landed on this site.

    Although we have never met, you have helped me ways that you will never know. Thank you, thank you thank you!!!

    Look at it as an 8 week rest. Get back on that pony mate……

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