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    Just thought I’d throw this in here since I’m testing it today. Most folks can do an estimate of their VO2 max without all the expensive testing. There are other methods of course, but this is a very good tried and proven method in the medical world.


    Treadmill- essentially you need to be able to increase speed and incline in degrees.

    Timer- hopefully your treadmill has it.

    This test is called the Bruce Protocol and is used a lot for medical patients as well as athletes:

    Minutes MPH incline

    0-3 1.7 10%

    3-6 2.5 12%

    6-9 3.4 14%

    9-12 4.2 16%

    12-15 5.0 18%

    15-18 5.5 20%

    18-21 6.0 22%

    So, you start at 1.7 mph then every 3 minutes increase speed and grade until you can’t go anymore (the longer you go the better). One basic formula to remember for your gender gender and age. Just input your numbers, and voila your VO2 calculated max. These are:

    Women: VO2max (ml/kg/min) = 2.94 x T + 3.74

    Young Women: VO2max (ml/kg/min) = 4.38 × T – 3.9 (teenager to very early 20’s)

    Men: VO2max (ml/kg/min) = 2.94 x T + 7.65

    Young Men: VO2max (ml/kg/min) = 3.62 x T + 3.91 (teenager to very early 20’s)

    T= your time.

    Now, if you want to know more about VO2 max and why its important you can easily google it. I pulled this off the net as it charts normal folks vs. athletes:

    Its work, family, friend safe so shouldn’t be a problem. Remember there are variations to this and other tests. Have fun!


    Put the cart before the horse I guess. I went to try the test out and found out it only goes to 15 degrees. I did 10:45 and was getting pretty winded, but, was disappointed I didn’t get to 16 degrees. I think that factored in me quitting earlier. Not sure. But, assuming I completed 10 min and 45 sec at Stage IV using the formula Men: VO2max (ml/kg/min) = 2.94 x T + 7.65

    VO2= 2.94 x 10.75 +7.65

    VO2 = 39. 22

    Puts me in the average range. Guess a different test is in order cause I’m not sure I would have done the extra 1:45 at 16 degrees vs. 15.

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