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    Clay Shoufler

    Goal: Increase GPP from the ground up

    High level of fitness (college and working towards pro basketball) lost after a battle with back injury/surgery, 3.5 years of minimal to no specific exercising. Have been dabbling in different body weight exercises, nothing very intense over the past 4 years. Little to no gains made with no specific plan, just dabbling in some things.

    Got hooked on studying Cross Fit for the past month, didn’t feel safe getting started right into that and read a thread on simple fit. Thought this was perfect and jumped right in. Also purchased elite rings to do pull/chin ups and in future will begin more advanced exercises.

    Saturday July 21

    L1 D1

    25 rounds

    Sunday July 22

    Hills (hill is apprx. 25 yards, scale of 1-10 in difficulty I would say a 5)

    15 sprints/Jog down

    Monday July 23

    L1 D2


    (needed break in between some sets to be able to do the pull ups)

    Tuesday July 24


    15 Sprints/Two knees to chest jump at the top of the hill on each rep

    Wednesday July 25

    L1 D3

    1:30 to complete

    Thursday July 26


    15 Sprints/Walk down

    Friday July 27

    Rest Day

    Saturday July 28

    Rest Day

    Sunday July 29

    L2 D1

    35 rounds

    *started using elite rings for pull ups, much easier than the floor joyce (?) I was using in the basement. That was uncomfortable, so I am getting more reps in now and a little less stress on the hands.

    Monday July 30:


    20 minutes

    28 rounds

    First 10 minutes sprinted up, jogged down (15 reps in)

    Last 10 minutes sprinted up, walked down (13 reps in)




    Welcome, Clay. It’ s nice to have you.


    Looking forward to what you will do again soon!


    wow! i wish my first week was that good. great job!

    Clay Shoufler

    Tuesday July 31

    L2 D2


    Not sure if I did 5 or 6 rounds. My mind went blank during the 4 or 5 round. The third pull up in rounds 4-6 was difficult. Push ups in last round got tough after 4 reps.

    I will be repeating Level 2 next week. This really fatigued me.

    Wednesday August 1


    U Circuit- 5 rounds for time

    (Up south side hill, skip across 25 yds., down north side hill, up north side hill, skip across, down south side hill = 1 round)

    Not sure how I will feel on rounds 4-5. If I feel okay I might add 6-7, just have to feel it out, haven’t done this one yet.

    5 rounds of that was enough to say 6-7 would have meant failure. Forgot stopwatch so I couldn’t time it. The skipping across the top of the hill was tougher than the hill itself.

    Good workout. I will do this same routine next week on the hills.

    Clay Shoufler

    Thursday August 2

    L2 D3


    Pull-ups- 5 sets of 2, 3 sets of 1

    Push-ups- 1 set of 26

    Squats- 1 set of 26

    I would call my pull ups more like chin ups. How important is it to vary hand position? I would like to build the bicep muscle more and the chin up is easier.

    Clay Shoufler

    Friday, August 3

    Rest Day- Felt like I needed to take it easy today

    Saturday, August 4


    5 rounds

    U-Circuit w/ 5 broad jumps across top of hill (2 minute rest intervals)

    Great workout. The 2nd set of uphill and jump was the hardest part on each. Lactic acid was really building.

    Clay Shoufler

    Sunday, August 6

    L3 D1

    Rounds 1-11

    L2 D1

    Rounds 12-29

    On round 12 I couldn’t make the second pull up, I just kicked it down to 1 pull up the rest of the way.

    This was toughest workout yet. Pretty sore immediately following, may need 2 days rest between next workout.

    Clay Shoufler

    Monday, August 6

    Rest Day

    Tuesday, August 7

    L3 D2

    4 min. 10 seconds to complete, with 3 min. rest between sets. So approx. 50 seconds for each round.

    Ready for D3, I’m excited to see how many consecutive pull ups I can do, but I dont’ want to hit failure yet, so I will probably break it down to sets of 3 until I hit 16. With as little rest between as possible.


    I’m predicting 3, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1 ;)

    Clay Shoufler

    I consider that a challenge! :D

    Clay Shoufler

    Wednesday, August 8

    I went to the park to run hills and after 3 trips, having never run at dusk in this park I soon realized I was in BAT Central! I proceeded to run a half mile to a road that had a longer hill and did a similar workout there.

    This was the first road running I had done in a long time. My legs were rather sore from not having the cushioning of the ground/grass.

    So basically a 20 minute cardio workout with hill sprints mixed in.

    Day running from now on in the park.

    Clay Shoufler

    Thursday, August 9

    L3 D3

    ucffool isn’t a fool, great prediction. I tried to one up your prediction and got my butt kicked by the pull ups. Made it through, but you were right on the money.

    Time: 4 min/20 sec

    Pull ups: 4, 3, 3, 1,1,1,1,1,1

    Push ups: 1 set of 33 (29-33 were tough)

    Squats: 1 set of 33


    Good job

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