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    Due to time constraints I am thinking of ordering the Creative door gym very soon. This and a jump rope should suffice for awhile, right? Can you do Kipping pullups on the door gym?

    Also, I am still planning the outdoor pullup bar. I’m thinking of going with 6×6’s instead of 4×4’s. I’m thinking that the smaller pieces will flex too much under kipping. Do you think that I should attach the pipe to the uprights with screws or should I bore a hole and come up with something else?


    I have a door gym. I am tall with a long reach. I semi-kip with bent legs. I can’t swing back too far or the leverage won’t hold the bar in place.

    So – it depends on your size and how far you want to swing. When I have done pullups on a real pullup bar, I have found them to be way more comfortable. Another problem for me is that I am wider than the door when my arms are rotated out for a palms-down grip.

    It is a nice piece of equipment for what it is tho’. Nice for any ring stuff too. You can also take it with you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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