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    I’ve joined a crossfit box. Since I’m out of shape, I decided to do their 4-week “camp”. We meet every morning. Tomorrow is my first day.

    Has anyone else done crossfit? Any thoughts? I tried it last year and am still intrigued. I can see the pros and cons of it. As a rower (and rowing coach) I don’t like the way they teach the erg.

    I’m liking the SimpleFit program, but will I be adding too much by doing both?

    I’ll try to track my results here. Wish me luck!


    Haven’t used it, but I wish you the best. I think CrossFit is about the epitome of where I’d like to be physically.

    I’d say don’t do both, CrossFit is more than enough for any one person, especially at first.

    Good luck and kudos, my friend!


    I switched over to CF back in the early fall (’07). I went to a cert a month ago – I plan on starting an affiliate this Summer. I already have people asking me when. I am practicing my training skills with one client already and will add 2 or 3 soon.

    Start with scaled versions. The brandx buttercup versions are lighter than Level 1 here. If your camp doesn’t include teaching the weight lifting moves (it definitely should) then get a copy of Starting Strength – heck, get one anyway.

    Good luck!


    I did my first day.

    We did 20 Dumbbell OverHead Push Press and 20 Jackknifes x 4. My time was okay — 3:58. It was fun. Then a chat on The Zone. A good intro what CrossFit is about.

    We will see what tomorrow has.

    Hey good luck with opening an affiliate.


    VBM when you affiliate let me know and I will put up a link on my CF affiliate page.




    Kevin – I will! Where is your affiliate page?

    re: The Zone – when I was at the cert, I had the privilege of listening to Nicole talk about the diet. She asked some of the crowd (the ones with high Fight Gone Bad numbers from earlier – not me!!!) who was on the Zone diet, it was unanimous. I read all of the comments from Kevin about the importance of diet in this process. It clicked when I realized that this guy who had, on one round of FGB done 61 push presses in 1 minute was on the Zone. I thought – I will do whatever he does. So, soon after I got home, I started. I’ve been eating in the Zone for 3 weeks. I’ve lost 10 pounds. I have a ton more energy. I recover from the WOD a LOT faster.



    Your post was really timely. I was about to try something other than the Zone (one of my own making), but you have put forward a really good argument.

    I know i should start a new thread, but does the SimpleFit meal plan meet The Zone requirements? What they have here seems so clear and easy to follow.

    Loved kettlebells today. Did burpees too, which I think should be banned b/c of injury to benefit ratio. But I will keep going. It is a lot of fun.


    For me, burpees are yet another height issue. It’s difficult to get from standing to pushup quickly!! They are an awesome workout tho’. check the challenge thread here for some intense numbers on them.


    That is impressive. Sub-10 minutes for 100 burpees?!? I bow to you monsters!

    I’m going to finish my four weeks at the bootcamp and then do the 100 burpees challenge. I’ll post.

    I used to make my rowers do 50 jump squats (explode up, slow count of 3 down) for any heinous crimes they committed. Sometimes I would be hanging around while they did 200 or 300 — after practice (hehehehe). Oddly they were very fast in the boat when they finally tapered.

    So I think I might issue a 200 jumps squat challenge to the SimpleFit crowd in 8 weeks.


    I think the Simplefit program has been a great asset in transitioning to Crossfit. A couple of people have asked me whether I tore up my hands or whether they’re sore from yesterday’s “Angie” workout.


    100 push-ups

    100 sit-ups

    100 squats

    for time.

    My hands aren’t even a little sore thanks to the simplefit callouses I’ve built up. And when 100 pull-ups doesn’t really scare you, you know you’ve done some worthwhile background training.

    It’s probably why I’ve been able to jump into Crossfit workouts doing most of them as prescribed. There are some technical aspects that I need to scale (like overhead squats and maybe snatches, I don’t know yet) but for the most part I’m pretty good with the workouts as Rx’d.


    That’s because – you da man splint!

    Don’t be ashamed to scale as needed. I have had kick – a$$ workouts with pvc instead of 95 lbs.


    Oh yes deifinitely, scale where necessary. It’s not like I spent two weeks on Simplefit and then jumped to Crossfit, I spent 8 months on Simplefit before switching and I was doing weight work in between.


    There is no doubt SimpleFit has helped me.

    I was a competitive swimmer, turned rower with some mountain bike racing thrown in. But the last three years life caught up and I lumped out. Easy to put on — hard to take off.

    What is cool about SimpleFit is it got me ready for CrossFit (just like you Splint).

    My tendency is to get very competitive so my mantra for the next four weeks at our box is: DON’T COMPETE. LEARN TECHNIQUE.

    I’ve done most of the lifts before, but I am learning a ton right now. And SimpleFit definitely helped with my pull ups (which still suck!)


    I’ve been doing CrossFit in some incarnation for the past 6 years. It’s good stuff. I regularly switch to a strength focus for 2-3 months at a time, but always maintain some of the metcon workouts in my arsenal. I’m currently off of CrossFit completely due to sprint training for a track meet in July, but will resume CF when that’s done. I like Kevin’s ramp up on the SimpleFit program, something that CrossFit doesn’t specifically lay out other than to say “scale to your needs.”

    Don’t get me started on The Zone…been there, done that. It’s good, but a bit anal. Yes, to be the very elite, having an understanding of your food intake is important. The Zone is a great starting point to understanding intake, serving sizes, etc. Yet, a clean Paleo diet seems to get most people to the 95% mark. So how much time and effort is it worth to shave 10 seconds off of Fran? I’d much rather not have to be so anal about my diet. There’s also the fact that the elite CrossFitters aren’t doing the Zone. They have ramped up the fat to the point that the ratios are quite far from 40-30-30. It’s a Zone in principle only; basically it’s become just a way to measure intake.


    re The Zone: For me, I needed something I could implement quickly. I here ya on the anal-“ness” of it, but I don’t find that to be so terrible. I have a VERY hard time finding paleo foods around this area – at least not conveniently.

    Good news tho’ – my in-law’s are retiring to the area and He’s a farmer. We’ll have our own supply.

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