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    Hello All!

    Found this page after reading about cheapo’s success with it over at Mark’s Daily Apple. My health journey began last April when I discovered the primal lifestyle and began running for fitness/pleasure. I dropped 50 pounds in four months and was a few weeks away from my first half marathon when I hurt my hip. As it tends to do, the injury sidelined my healthy eating habits as well and I packed 25 pounds back on while pretty much stopping running for the rest of 2012. My New Year’s resolution is to get back on the primal path, run a road race every month and put on some muscle! I hate the gym/lifting weights so this program seems like the perfect place to start. So without further ado:

    Week of 1/14/13

    I can’t do a single push up or pull up to save my life so its body rows and modified push ups for me. I do 3 times the outlined reps for those exercises:

    L1D1: 15 rounds

    L1D2: 10:13

    L1D3: 7:49

    I’ve always been pretty weak so I’m pretty sure I’ll be at level 1 for awhile. The modified push ups are a killer for me (63 of them on day 3!) and my form suffers for it. I think next week will be a lot better as I was getting into the rhythm the first week.

    Ran my 5k for January on Saturday! Luckily for me it was about 45 degrees so it wasn’t too painful. Finished in 29:30 which could have been way worse as I really haven’t run since early November and I’m carrying more weight since then. Down about 8 pounds since the first of the month so I’m feeling pretty good about this whole routine.


    I know if you are doing body rows as a sub for pullups you are to do 3 for 1, but I don’t think it is necessary if you are doing modified push-ups. You must be exhausted. Maybe someone else will chime in about this.


    Hi crpoulio,

    Great to hear from another newbee here :) I hope we can both stick with the program.

    No clue about the push-up subs. I just want to give you a pointer on D2, I made the mistake of timing the whole thing and not taking three minutes rest between each round. Hope you did do this correctly! The explanations on the site are pretty clear, maybe even to clear because the first time round I missed the ‘detailed explanations’ section so I made this mistake… :)


    Hi crpoulio,

    Pull up’s are hard for most of the newbies, imao first you have to focus on push up first. Do push up on knee, and don’t do 3 for 1. Eventually you gain strength.


    Thanks for the replies, everyone! I’ll stop doing the 3 for 1 on the modified push ups.

    Queltar- thanks for the encouragement! I appreciate the pointer on the D2 exercises but I did perform them as instructed. I think it took me longer as I was doing the extra modified push ups and refused to compromise form.

    Thanks Again!



    Not compromising on form is the right approach. You just have to be patient and persistent and they will come. Once you can do 1 pull-up and 1 push-up everything will start to move faster.


    Week of 1/14/13

    Body rows and modified push ups; I did 3 times the outlined reps for those exercises. Upon advice from this board, I began doing the normal reps for push ups on day 3:

    L1D1: 17 rounds

    L1D2: 8:54

    L1D3: 4:06

    Pleased to see improvement on the first two days. I think I’ll stick with L1 for another week and then move up. As I progress from the modified push ups and body rows, I’ll go back to level 1.

    Ran about 8 miles last week (still hate the treadmill) and did pretty well at my Wednesday night volley ball league. Sticking to my primal eating plan (except for a small ice cream last night). Feeling good.

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