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    I’ve always been a bit confused about day 2 – there seems to be a contradiction between being rounds for time and it being a ‘strength’ day.

    Anyway I had an idea I think I’m going to try –

    day 2 is for time, but the goal is to take as long as possible. Only time spent actually doing reps is counted. So the idea is do day 2 reps without stopping as slowly as possible. If you do have to rest, stop the clock, then rest between rounds with the clock stopped as normal. Hopefully as you get stronger you will be able to go slower the next time so your time will increase.

    Only real problem I see with this is that as you increase levels it’s going to take longer and longer – I guess once it gets to 20/30 minutes you need to find some other exercises.

    What do people think?


    sounds like an interesting experiment.


    For some feedback, this is how I’ve done Day 2 for the past 1+ months:

    Go as slow as possible while maintaining a continuous round, then rest 3 minutes and repeat. Bodyrows and pushups for me speed up as I get to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th rounds to maintain the rule, ‘stay under failure’. My D2 time, which I find a bit useless, is about 8-10 minutes. This also has the added benefit of core work on push-ups.


    This is how I’ve started doing my D2 workouts, too. About 3-4 weeks ago, I thought about not timing them at all anymore, but decided I would still do it.



    make sure you are doing 100% full rom and you can go a little closer to failure but don’t go all the way.

    Full rom example (nose and hips to floor on each push up)

    Be sure to keep the 3 min break between rounds for full recovery.

    I like the idea of doing this stuff really slow

    Use more aggressive angles, weighted vest , bands, rings, single limb, whatever to up the resistance.

    Example: subbing dips for push ups may be a nice option.

    Day 2 is the strength day

    If you can keep your reps in the 5×5 range you will see the most strength/muscle gains.

    So find a adapted push, pull, squat that you will fail at 7 reps and do 5×5 with those.

    Suggested options

    (feel free to add stuff you like to this list) try to adhere to the spirit of minimal equipment)


    HS push-up


    one hand push ups


    L-pull ups

    inverted pull-ups

    one hand pull-ups


    weighted squat

    one legged squat

    I personally like to ad specific core work on this day either “evil wheel” or dragons.



    I like the idea of doing single limb work during the off week. Dumbbell press from the floor, Bulgarian squats, 1-arm bent over rows. I think it also a good idea to change the movement pattern. For instance, deadlifts and lunges in place of squats. I think simplefit does a great job of developing GPP and preparing someone for more advanced programs.


    jm054 you may like these workouts

    Here are some cool strength centric programs that are all bodyweight, I spoke to the author and will include them as part of the simplefit site.

    That is some serious functional fitness, and I really like the idea of not needing any equipment.

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