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    I know that day 3 is for time and I have read that some people higher up the levels use kipping to get the pull ups done in time, but, I am at level 1 and I am not able to do a proper pull up yet. I am currently trying to do strict slow jump negative pull ups for all the days and last Friday it took me nearly 10 minutes to complete the days exercises.

    How slow should I be doing the exercises on Friday?

    Since I am doing 3 negative pull ups already should I be still concentrating on slow purposeful movements? What will I benefit from more slow or quick?

    An extra question when should I be trying to do a pull up? I dont like trying on non simplefit days as I like to let myself recover, but, equally dont want to struggle and hurt myself or make my simplefit days harder!

    Is there a right way to try and do a pullup? I feel that when I hang and try I just cant get past my arms being straight but am getting used to negatives doesn’t make sense.

    Thanks guys

    I am really happy this is my seventh week and feel better and still going!!

    Neil :)


    neil, i would definitely not do any exercises on you’re off day. as you say, you’re body needs time to recover.

    unfortunately i cannot give you comprehensive advise on you’re pull-up substitution questions, as i’ve never had to do substitutions myself.

    from what i’ve gathered though by reading the forum (and much of my own opinion), pull-ups will get progressively easier as you get stronger in your arms as well as when you start losing weight. it goes without saying that it will be easier to lift your body if it weighs 80 kg’s as opposed to 100 kg’s. i don’t know whether you are overweight or not, but being “lighter”, will definitely make pull-ups easier.

    as for the strength in your arms, that will come in time – hence you have to do substitutions. just be patient!!!

    lastly, in stead of pull-ups, try doing chin-ups. you might just be surprised by the fact that you cannot do a pull-up, but that you can easily manage a chin-up and voila – gone are the days of substitutions!!!

    good luck.


    Last Sunday on my second rest day, after D3 on Friday, I tried a pull up and can now get about halfway up! I then tried a chin up and can nearly do 2!! 😯

    Are these better to do than negative pull ups? Not sure where I will gain doing these, as I find they work my biceps more which makes the push ups harder.

    I am overweight and as you say I think that is what is holding me back. But I am losing fat and gaining muscle tone slowly so should get past this in the future.

    I will maybe try throwing in a few chin ups mainly for grin factor. But if you see my workout log I can really gauge my progress at the moment so I don’t really want to mess things up.

    I’ll keep my log up to date and thanks for the advice.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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