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    Newbie here. I started Level 1 Day 1 last week and was quite sore for a couple of days…

    I just repeated L1D1 this morning so we’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

    I’m really excited about this simple fitness program. I do a fair amount of cycling and so the squats are easy. I was horrified to find how little upper body strength I have.

    I don’t think I’ll have a problem with day 2 but day 3 looks rather daunting. I read in another post about Pavel’s ladder

    (’sLadders.htm )

    and it seems like that might be a good way to approach day 3.


    A huge thanks for a great community.



    Great stuff I have used grease the groove and ladders myself just be very careful of repetitive strain injury and tendinitis.

    I know we are want to get strong fast but sometimes it is better to go slow especially because muscle can builds a lot faster than tendon and connective tissues. Listen to you body because 6 weeks off to let tendinitis heal sucks.


    Thanks for the response.

    I did L1D1 again yesterday and completed 22 reps in 17 minutes as opposed to 20 reps the previous time when I was sore. Guess what, I’m not sore. It’s amazing how quickly the body is able adapt.

    I spent quite a lot of time yesterday reading through this forum and have learnt a lot. I don’t feel quite as intimidated by L1D3’s 10 pullups as I now know I can take rest times as necessary to complete them.

    I was very motivated by vbm’s log. I can almost do a dead hang chin-up but not even close on a pull-up. Like vbm I plan to stay on L1 until I can do the pull-ups for real.



    Thanks for the nod. And my tongue-in-cheek reply regarding pullups is this “hang in there” :)

    When I do huge amounts of pullups I still break them up. I can do between 5 and 7 in a row. When I have to do any amount over 30, it’s 3 at-a-time.

    Don’t stop!



    Thanks for the nod. And my tongue-in-cheek reply regarding pullups is this “hang in there”

    Seems particularly appropriate. Hanging there is a lot easier than pulling up …

    L1D2 today. Did the 5 rounds in 9 minutes including resting 1 minute in between. I’m really pleased with 5 reps of 6 real push-ups, only two weeks ago I had to do the push-ups from my knees. The pull-ups were subbed by chin-ups with a little jump. I’m hoping to do at least one dead hang chin-up per round very soon.

    Thanks vbm for your support.

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