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    Hey everyone! I’m new here!

    I saw a link to this site in someone’s signature from another forum. Anyway. I thought this would be a great place to get started.

    I’m 26, 6’2″ and 227lbs. I’m getting married in September and would like to lose as much weight as possible, while staying healthy of course. My fiance and I have cleaned up our diet a bit by reducing the amount of carbs we’ve been eating and replacing them with salad. My meat intake is still pretty high, but I’ve tried to reduce bad snacks with fruits, or nothing at all…

    Yesterday was a write-off, and today I’m getting back on track!

    I worked out with a friend this morning at the small gym we have here at work, and I plan on doing simplefit as a supplimental program.

    I guess my main goal would be to have my pants fit again. Currently they’re quite tight on me, and I often have to undo them to be comfortable while working at my desk.

    I’m currently at my highest weight ever, and am quite digusted with myself.

    My pitfalls are chocolate (which I haven’t had in a while), cake/cookies, and chicken wings. I don’t drink a lot of beer, unless there’s a reason to, and even then I’ll only have 2 or 3 because I am the driver most times. (Don’t worry, I never drive drunk!!!!)

    I guess if you’ve read all of this, you should have a pretty clear understanding of what my goals are. I want to look great in my tux on September 8th.

    Your comments are welcome if you have any.

    Thanks for reading!




    90% of it is gonna be nutrions

    If you adhere strictly you can get 2-3 lb per week

    use the simple nutrition gudlines exactly but give yourself 1 cheat day to eat choclate.

    Don’t buy any hershey crap either get some really good dark choclate. I would not get more than 30-40g carbs from choclate in that meal and no other carbs in that meal. Don’t want to spike insulin.

    So in summery

    3-5 meals a day

    each meal

    small amount of meat (palm of hand size) eg. chicken, fish, eggs, or lean grass fed beef

    as much fresh non starchy vegetables as you want

    fresh fruit

    nuts, nut oil or olive oil (avoid trans fats or hydrogenated oils)

    Sunday sub fruit for choclate at one meal.


    Welcome Dennis! and good luck.

    I love this program. It’s easy to keep track, has a very good moderator/coach to keep you on that track, and well… it’s simple! (imagine that heh)

    Follow Kevin’s guidelines and I think you will be pleasantly suprised.


    Good luck Dennis – you’ll drop inches in your waist. Depending on your frame a weight of 227 at 6’2″ might not be too bad.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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