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    First of all I’d like to say hi. Just found this site by accident and going to start it tonight. I’m on a big time overhaul of my fitness. used to do kickboxing and be in very good shape but family commitments and preferring ot go to pub have killed that so after couple of years of not training i’m on a mission. Like this programme cus i dont need to think about it so suits me.

    One question I have is i prefer dips over push ups and have a pull up / dip station so is there any problem of this substitution. also i’m planning some extra ab work after the main work outs. lookforward to ur replys and starting this workout. 😈 will be starting a log tonight. :D


    I would suggest that you would get the best results from the push ups as it is a great compound exercise, in my opinion better than dips and an isolated ab exercise, anyway.

    The program is push ups, pull ups and squats. By all means do dips as well but I think you can gain a lot from struggling through a weaker exercise to over come it in the end.

    For instance, I could not do pull ups for my first 4 months and substituted with body rows, but now, at my current level I am happily struggling with push ups.

    Get stuck in and good luck!!


    Thanks for the reply. Decided to do programme as set out but add dips as a high rep finisher on day 1 and weighted dips as a finisher on strength day as like this exercise. hoping to get started monday now.


    dips are great also check out the intermediate exercises lots of dips there feel free to mix it up.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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