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    I’ve decided to get back in shape and keep it real simple, at least to start off with.

    I’ve sufferred my share of injuries over my short 30 years here on earth, but just about a year ago I messed up my knee and tore more than a few things in the abdominal/hip region when my knee gave out while squatting heavy.

    I received some bad advice from Dr.’s and as a result had a fustrating time due to not treating/rehabbing the injuries properly, ended up giving on working out completely but still ate like I was when working out…well you can imagine the results.

    So here I am a year later, confident that I am ready to start again but with about 25-30 # more fat and 10-15# less muscle than when I injured myself. Looking to just be in overall good shape to be healty and injury free over the long-run.

    I’ll be starting tomorrow at the very bottom (I can still do 2 DH pull-ups despite my fattiness) and working M/W/F.

    Very much looking forward to it.


    welcome diskill – i think you might just find that SF is the answer for you: it surely is for me and all the others that follow the program.

    looking forward to your posts and progress!!!



    L1 D1

    23 rounds exactly as Rx’d

    Pull-ups were w/o question the limiting factor

    Question – Do people kip or dead-hang? Just curious, b/c there is no way I can kip due to my set-up.


    Also, FWIW I’m 6′ 215# here when I’m starting this.

    Lets see where I end up



    Question – Do people kip or dead-hang?

    that varies from person to person, diskill, depending on your situation. if your set-up doesn’t allow it, obviously you’ll not be able to kip.

    if you purely want to concentrate on form, it would be better to do dead hang’s. kipping really comes into effect on D3, where you say you have to do 10+ pull-ups – it will allow you to do the pull-ups quicker, without “cheating”.


    L1D2 as Rx’d

    #1) 35

    #2) 36

    #3) 35

    #4) 34

    #5) 37

    Total time: 2:57

    3 min rest between rounds


    L1D3 4:57

    Had to hurry up with the Push-ups & Squats, luckily did them straight thru.

    Took my time (almost too much) on the pull-ups b/c I wanted good form chest to the bar PU’s.


    looks like you’ll be starting with L2 then next week!!!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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