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    I think I overdid myself. Here’s my training log:


    Rounds for 20 minutes:

    3 Body Rows

    3 Pushups

    3 Squats


    3 rounds of 7 flights of stairs

    What I was going for with the SimpleFit workout was to get my body moving again. I don’t think I was doing any parts of the workout correctly. I’m not 100 percent sure about the form for each maneuver so it was hard for me. Also by the end of the set I could barely push myself up any. I think next time I’ll do 2 pushups.

    I decided to run up and down my dorm’s stairs because after the 20 minutes, I could feel my heart beating but I did not feel sweaty enough or like I worked out enough. I guess I simply didn’t know when to stop.

    So I walked to the bottom floor and jogged/ran up the stairs…every flight I alternated hitting each step individually and skipping a step.

    Now I feel really dizzy and REALLY sweaty. I think the dizziness was because I was trying to breathe through my mouth like I was taught to do when I did track in elementary school…and I don’t think the sweatiness needs explanation.

    Overall, I feel good, but damn exhausted. [/quote][/list]


    Great job! the single most important this is that you tried and did something it may not have been perfect but if you keep trying you will reach your goals.

    You are just starting so start slow and let your body adjust. After a couple of weeks you can worry about intensity.

    Way to go!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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