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    I’m 6’3 and 217 pounds. My goal weight is 190 pounds.

    I’m starting at level 1 to build strength on pull-ups. I can probably only do 5-6 pull-ups in a set right now, and then I’d be wasted for more pull-ups.

    Week 1 Level 1 – 217.4 pounds, 18.5% bf

    Diet goal: cut out sweets

    L1D1: 23 rounds

    L1D2: 5:07 (includes short rests)

    L1D3: 3:48

    Week 2 Level 2 – 215.6 pounds, 18.3% bf

    Diet goal: no late night snacks

    L2D1: 30 rounds

    L2D2: 6:14 (includes short rests)

    L2D3: 2:05

    Week 3 Level 3 – 215.0 pounds, 18.3% bf

    Diet goal: focus

    L3D1: 20 rounds

    L3D2: 7:55 (includes short rests)

    L3D3: 2:52

    Week 4 Level 4 – 213.8 pounds – 18.2% bf

    Diet goal: continue calorie counts through the week

    L4D1: 20 rounds

    L4D2: ~8:00 (includes short rests)

    L4D3: 7:16

    Week 5 Level 4 – 213.8 pounds – 17.9% bf

    Diet goal: Keep good diet up through weekend

    L4D1: 21 rounds

    L4D2: 6:05 (excludes two minute rests)

    L4D3: 5:40

    Week 6 Level 4 – 212.8 pounds – 17.8% bf

    Diet goal: eat in

    L4D1: 30 rounds

    L4D2: 4:38 (excludes two minute rests)

    L4D3: 3:58

    Week 7 Level 5 – 211.8 pounds – 17.7% bf

    L5D1: 15 rounds

    L5D2: 7:54 (excludes two minute rests)

    L5D3: 7:35

    Week 8 – Rest

    Week 9 – Off program – 208.8 pounds – 17.3% bf

    Working on pull-ups, wall handstand push-ups, inverted one-leg push ups, one-legged squats

    Week 10 – Level 5 – 207.6 pounds – 17.7% bf

    L5D1: 19 rounds

    L5D2: 7:03 (excludes two minute rests)

    L5D3: 7:43

    Week 11 – Level 5 – 209.4 pounds – 17.5% bf

    L5D1: 18 rounds

    L5D2: 5:40 (excludes two minute rests)

    L5D3: 6:13


    Eating well except for a damned doughnut yesterday. Oops.

    L1D2: 5:07


    Welcome on board! That’s a great start. If you can do 5-6 pull-ups in a set you’ve got a great foundation and should move through the first few levels pretty quickly. But don’t worry, they’ll catch up with you pretty quick. Great to have you here! Gotta watch those doughnuts.


    Thanks KTG, always good to have some support.

    Diet has been good. Stayed away from sweets but did have a late night snack. Going to get in some biking this weekend.

    L1D3: 3:48 (the last few pull-ups were pretty ugly)

    Going to move to Level 2 next week.

    Edit: Just read that maybe I should wait until I get day 1 closer to 30 rounds before moving up. I’ll think on it.


    The rule is simply when you can do D3 in under 5 you are ready to move up. The 30 rule of thumb for D1 is just a metric some of us have experienced as the point at which we are getting likely to pass the D3 test.

    So, my recommendation would be that that is a really solid L1D3 time, and you are probably ready to move to L2.


    Cool – I took your advice and went on to L2.

    L2D1 – 30 sets

    I had that 30 # in my mind and I set it as a goal. Pretty stoked that I went from 23 to 30 and still moved up a level.

    Diet: Was meh- on vacation for Memorial Day weekend. Stayed away from sweets, but I’m going to have a new goal this week of no late night snacks.


    L2D2 6:14

    That was killer. I only got 1.5 hours of sleep and it made it rough. At least I did it I guess.


    Just doing it always counts more than whether the time was good! In any case, 6:14 is a great D2 time, so combined with your strong D1, I expect you’ll move up pretty soon.


    L2D3: 2:05

    I guess I’m ready to move up, but I’m getting some pretty ugly form on my pullups. One of these weeks I’ll have to hang back and work for better form.


    Week 3 – Level 3

    215.0 lbs, 18.2% body fat

    L3D1 – 20 reps

    Diet: All kinds of wrong. New diet goal is just to focus.


    L3D2 – 7:55

    I also added in 20 mins of aerobics yesterday. Going to do that on Tuesdays/Thursdays.

    Doing much better with the diet this week.


    Are you taking rests between rounds on D2 workouts?


    Yeah, but not any specific amount of time. Just resting as needed. Mainly need to rest for the next set of pull-ups. The resting is included in my total time.


    NIce job! We aren’t even done with page 1 of the log and you’re already solid in Level 3.


    Woohoo killed it (for me anyways)!

    L3D3 – 2:52

    (did the pull-ups in set of 5, 7 and 4. Pushups 30 and 3. I was mad I couldn’t get to 33 on the pushups.)

    I’ve been all over the diet this week and have done really well. Going to count calories for a while to keep a good rhythm.

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