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    I’m a 18 year old male, decided to start this as a way to keep fit basically. I’m 5’7 and 126lb(I’m aware this is borderline underweight and this should hopefully be raising in the near future:)). I’ve done absolutely no real workouts in the past except the odd time in the school gym a few years ago so I started on level 1. General fitness level isn’t too bad at the moment because I’ve been playing soccer between 2-6 times a week(for about 90minutes to 3 hours usually,sometimes up to 6hours of almost constant play) for the last year but haven’t been able to play it as much regularly due to friends having exams etc.

    Tuesday 8th L1D1 : 31 rounds ( My target was 35 so I missed out a bit, this was a lot harder than I thought too, and was wrecked the next day)

    Thursday 10th L1D2 : 3:45 (My target was 330 but again, I missed out. Mainly because I was too slow doing it for the first few rounds, over compensating for the mistake I made on tuesday by starting too fast)

    Friday 11th L1D3 : 2:27 (Target was 230 so I reached this, main problem was the push ups, I just wanted to die by the end of them).

    Sunday 13th L2D1 : 24 rounds (Target was 25, only missed out due to not being able to do any more push ups around 19min in so just stopped then. Again I started too fast, going to take awhile to learn to pace myself I think)

    Tomorrow I hope to do a few KM jog to make up for lack of any sort of running all week. Thats if I can bring myself to get out of bed tomorrow after the workout today. At the moment my main problem seems to be with getting a good pace to do the days. For example L1D1 I was doing the first rounds at about 20-25seconds, and by the last few I was up to 50seconds a round. Hopefully I’ll learn this through trial and error.

    And a final note, I apologise for any stupid grammar/typing mistakes in this as its 3AM here so I’m pretty tired. And I just realised my closing square bracket key on the keyboard doesn’t work anymore




    Sounds like your are off to a good start. Be sure to start slow and take it easy the first couple of weeks.


    Welcome D-Duck !!



    Did L2D2 today, but did 10 rounds instead of 5 with 1 minutes rest between rounds. Second 5 rounds were done with 15sit ups instead of 3 pulls up though.

    Total time(minus rest): 8:34

    Quickest round was 46 seconds and slowest was 55. Most were around 51/52 so I had a much more consistent pace today :)

    Just wanted to keep this under 10 so I was fairly happy with this. Push ups felt a lot easier today, was able to manage the 8 at a time no problem for every round. Also feel a lot more comfortable doing squats, they don’t seem as “awkward” to do.


    Played 2 and a half hours of football in very warm weather today. Strangely I wasn’t very tired after it but I can definitely feel it in my legs and feet. So L2D3 will be delayed till tomorrow probably.


    Played 2 hours of football again today, although not as fast paced as yesterday.


    L2D3 3minutes 31 seconds. Think I’ll stay at level 2 since most of those pull ups were assisted. Pull ups took about 2minutes of that 3 too.

    Didn’t get it done yesterday as managed to hurt myself playing football the first day then made it worse the next. Hooray for being smart 😳


    L2D1 : 29 rounds. Did 5 sit-ups instead of 1 pull up this time though.

    The last 10 rounds were absolute killers for the sit-ups.


    Monday: L2D2: 10 rounds done with 5 sit ups to each pull up, 8:48

    Tuesday: 3hours of football.

    Wednesday: 3 hours of football on a hot day

    Thursday: Day Off

    Friday: 2 hours of football on a very hot day and a 2hour walk home from the pub a few hours later 🙄. And just done now, L2D2 in 2:44. Slower than last week but I’d done a lot of work earlier today so the body just didn’t want to do those push ups in more than 8 8 8 and 2 😳

    Hurt my arm(again) playing football tuesday which delayed me finishing round 3.

    Probably take another few days off before starting level 3 due to my arm not being 100% yet.

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