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    L3D1 – 25 Rounds

    Decided to start on Level 3 due to my current level of fitness. I probably could have gotten in 3-4 more rounds, but I had the TV on and ended up watching a story on the morning news for a bit too long (spaced out a bit).

    I had to switch to modified pull ups after 11 rounds by placing a leg on a chair. I’m not sure if this means I need to go down a level or not. I attempted kipping pull ups but started to worry I was going to pull the door frame down.

    I’m confident I’ll be able to get Day 2 done in under 5 minutes easily but I still plan on sticking with L3 for a while.


    If you can do a few real pull-ups, I personally think it is best to just completely ignore the existence of any modified ones, full stop.

    I’d suggest dropping down to Level 2 and just starting over on Day 1. You aren’t competing with anyone but yourself, and it’s a lot more difficult to track your own progress when you add in an extra variable.

    If you were to decide to stay on Level 3, I’d suggest repeating Day 1 but just spacing out your rounds. You could have probably done 16-18 real rounds if you had just waited longer in between.




    L3D2 – 4:44

    Did this without a single break, I misread the rules, whoops… Sounds like I might need to go up a level or two, but I’ll stick with L3 through the end of the week.

    This was quite a burner (probably because I never took a break :) ), but overall I really liked it. Threw in nice warm up and cool down routines as well.

    No assisted pull ups today.

    So it’s looking like I need to go up a level, but expect less rounds on D1 (forgoing the assisted pull ups as suggested above).


    A Day 3 time of under 5 minutes is the only thing that counts when determining when to go up a level. I imagine you will be under that, but probably not by all that much.

    I’d focus on making sure your form is correct, as well: it’s a lot easier to correct now than it will be later.


    L3D3 – 5:15

    Pull-Ups (standard) – 16 (5, 2, 2, 3, 2, 2)

    Push-Ups – 33 (all at once)

    Squats – 33 (all at once)

    Not quite under 5:00 like I had though I may be able to do, but I did all the exercises with good form and didn’t rush. The pull-ups really hammered me, ended up taking me longer than I expected, but at least I did them with good form and left out the modified versions.

    Sounds like L3 is the correct level for me, I’ll be repeating it again next week.


    L3D1 – 20 Rounds

    Did 20 solid rounds this morning focusing on good form and doing full pull ups instead of doing modified pull ups for more rounds. I also changed my push up form to be more effective as per this article – http://www.t-nation.com/readArticle.do?id=4618348

    Overall, this was a better workout than the 25 rounds I did using modified pull ups.

    Tomorrow is cardio day, will probably be doing Cardio Intervals from the “One on One with Tony Horton” series.


    L3D2 – 4:36

    Did day 2 today, this time with the proper breaks, wasn’t too bad. I’m honestly starting to wonder if SimpleFit is _too_ simple. I don’t ever really feel like I got a good exercise. I’m sure I am, I’ve seen the results here on the SF forums, but it just doesn’t feel like it.

    I’m going to continue throwing in vanity lifting and cardio with my SF workouts. Surprisingly, I find myself actually enjoying the workouts lately. About the only workout I don’t like is Day 1 of SF, it’s too repetitive but oh well. I’m sure that will change in the later levels.

    Planning on doing Cardio Intervals tonight, though I should probably move this workout to Tues and Thurs so I’m not overtraining. I just feel it provides a more complete workout for the day than SF alone.


    L3D1 – SKIPPED!!!! (07/04/2011)

    Spent the entire weekend digging holes and moving around massive amounts of dirt, elected to skip day 1 since I was still hurting from my weekend work.

    L3D2 – Untimed

    Even though I was under 5 minutes on D3, I decided to stick with L3 for this week focusing on getting my form as perfect as I can get it. I elected to go untimed so I would spend more time making sure I was using proper technique for each exercise.

    I’ve also decided on a pretty solid workout routine (for me anyway), I like it quite a lot and it doesn’t feel like I’m overtraining. On MWF, I do SimpleFit in the morning then cardio and “vanity” lifting in the evening.

    Monday: SF + Cardio + Vanity

    Tuesday: Cardio + Vanity

    Wednesday: SF + Cardio + Vanity

    Thursday: Cardio + Vanity

    Friday: SF + Cardio + Vanity


    L3D3 – Time: 4:10 (07-08-2011)

    Under 5 minutes again this morning, definitely ready for level 4. Decided against cardio last night in favor of more sleep, which I think helped me greatly. It was nice to take that small break during the week, but I’ll be back to the grind again next week.

    9, 4, 3 pull up breakdown.


    L4D1 – Rounds: 23

    Managed 23 rounds this morning with good, solid form. I think I could have probably eeked out another 2-3 rounds if I had really pushed myself, but I still feel good about what I accomplished this morning.

    Going to try and throw in some cardio this evening along with my “vanity” lifting.

    Have lots of water retention and probably some overall weight gain from the festivities this weekend. I didn’t eat all THAT terribly, but when I did eat, it was “bad” food (read: excellently great food) and I ate a lot during a sitting. This week it’s back to lean meats and lots of veggies.


    L4D2 – Time: 5:10

    Ended up skipping cardio last night, I was too wiped out, elected to try to get more sleep and ended up not being able to fall asleep :/

    Oh well, did day 2 of level 4 this morning and did well. I could have gone faster but was more concerned with form again. I think I get a much better workout when I concentrate on form over speed (duh!).

    Going to DEFINITELY do cardio intervals tonight, can’t keep skipping my cardio.


    L4D3 – Time: 5:18

    Just a bit over 5 minutes on day 3, level 4. I hit a wall in my push ups, I can do about 35 in a row without stopping, but I think after my pull ups were done I just couldn’t do it. Had to split them up 30, 11.

    Other than that, did really well. Squats don’t seem to really work me as hard as the other exercises, probably due to my “cyclist” legs. Still burns, but I never really struggle with them. No biggie though.

    10, 4, 4, 2, pull up breakdown.


    L4D1 – 25 Rounds

    Did a full 25 rounds this morning though I probably could have gotten in 30 if I had really pushed myself. I lolly-gagged for the first 10 rounds or so, hoping to save my energy for later rounds, but I don’t think it mattered or helped. I think I slightly strained my left forearm as well, it’s got a sort of dull pain thing going on.

    Other than that, I’ll probably throw down some Cardio Intervals and vanity lifting tonight.

    Just gonna keep on truckin!


    L4D2 – Time: 5:00

    Tried to push myself a little harder this morning, I think I could have gotten under this time a bit more if I had sped up my squats and push ups but I feel like focusing on form and going slower nets a better workout overall.

    Also, I need to get gloves or something, I’m getting some fierce callouses on my palms from all the pull-ups.

    Going to wrap up this evening with some Cardio Intervals.

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