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    I no longer have it. Was just wondering if anyone experienced anything similar. Over the past two years I experienced sharp elbow pain on the inside of the elbow whenever I did a motion like barbell curls, e.g. lifting a kid or actually doing barbell curls. Definitely felt like a tendon near the funny bone area. It only hurt when lifting something, not with regular motion. This was in both elbows.

    Since I started Simplefit in July, the pain has disappeared. I haven’t done any bicep exercises since then and wonder if that’s what helped. But I’ve cut them out before for weeks at a time and they never seemed to heal. I’ve seen some posts with people developing elbow pain or irritating existing injuries through pull-ups and push-ups but I’ve actually experienced the opposite.

    I also wonder if it has to do with the 30 pound weight loss I’ve had since July. My two big toe joints and the outside of my left foot had been in a constant dull pain for more than a year. That’s gone too. I’m sure that’s because of the weight.

    Or it could be because I simply going through the motions with weightlifting for the past two years, not really enjoying it. I probably wasn’t using good form and didn’t even care to. I still lift weights but I keep it to squats, deadlifts, thrusters, presses, barbell rows and benches. Nice compound movements.

    I guess I don’t really care why it went away but it did.


    Pain often goes away as you correct imbalances in muscle groups or start using stabilizer muscles that you haven’t been activating before.


    I always thought this soreness was attributable to tendon strain rather than muscle soreness. I believed that the muscles were not adequately trained and that the tendons took up the slack. Doing BW exercises seems to quickly overcome the muscle inability so your tendons cease to howl. This could be rationale unsupported by medical fact but I have always thought it so.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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