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    First off I’m 179cm tall and weigh approx 80kg aged 38. I’m reasonably fit and in shape but not in top condition. I have a desk job so exercise is essential…

    I’ve been playing around with kettlebells and bodyweight exercises and the odd martial arts class to keep in shape but haven’t been particularly consistent or structured with any of it for the last year or two. So my main reason for the log is a bit of accountability.

    Pullups are done from dead hang. My pullup bar hangs by chains from the rafters. One of my criteria for good form is that I don’t end up swinging.

    Pushups are done with palms shoulderwidth apart and elbows kept alongside the ribcage. Nose touches the floor at bottom.

    Squats are full range of motion (hamstrings touching calves at the bottom), feet slightly less than shoulderwidth apart with toes pointing slightly outward. Knees track over the feet (no inward buckling) and do not go in front of the toes.

    Wed 10/Aug/2011:

    Morning – Kettlebell Swings 24kg x 100 (Sets of 10, 20, 10, 20, 30, 10). Time 5 minutes.

    Evening – Walking on Treadmill – 40 minutes @ 5% incline @ 5.0kph

    Thu 11/Aug/2011:

    Morning – Simplefit L1D1 – 29 rounds in 20 min. Exercises were done at a controlled pace. Next D1 will try going as fast as good form allows.

    Fri 12/Aug/2011:

    Evening – Walking on Treadmill – 40 minutes @ 5% incline @ 5.0kph

    Sat 13/Aug/2011:

    Morning – Simplefit L1D2 – 5 rounds untimed. Exercises done slowly with 3 minute rest between rounds.

    Mon 15/Aug/2011:

    Morning – Simplefit L1D3 – 1 minute 50 seconds. 10 pullups, 21 pushups, 21 squats. Onto Level 2 next workout.


    Tue 16/Aug/2011

    Treadmill 40 minutes @ 5% incline @ 5.0 kph

    Wed 17/Aug/2011

    Simplefit L2D1 – 40 rounds in 20 minutes


    Congrats on crushing it.


    Thu 18/Aug/2011:

    Evening – 1 hour martial arts skill training

    Fri 19/Aug/2011:

    Morning – SimpleFit L2D2 – 5 rounds untimed. 3 minute rest between rounds


    Mon 22/Aug/2011:

    Morning – Simplefit L2D3 – 2 minute 20 seconds. 10, 2, 1 pullups, 31 pushups, 31 squats. Onto Level 3 next workout.

    Honestly thought I would get the pullups in one set but I guess it’s been longer than I thought since I regularly trained pullups last.


    Wed 24/Aug/2011:

    Evening – Simplefit L3D1 – 30 rounds in 20 min.

    Started to struggle with the 2nd pullup on round 14. Had to have a brief rest (10 – 20 sec) between rounds in order to complete 2 pullups for rounds 15 to 30.


    Fri 26/Aug/2011:

    Morning – SimpleFit L3D2 – 5 rounds untimed. 3 minute rest between rounds


    Sun 28/Aug/2011:

    Morning – Simplefit L3D3 – 3 minute 10 seconds. 11, 3, 2 pullups, 33 pushups, 33 squats.

    Level 4 next workout.


    Fri 02/Sep/2011:

    Evening – Simplefit L4D1 – 28 rounds in 20 min.

    Was going strong until about round 18 where I started pausing between rounds.


    Tue 06/Sep/2011:

    Morning – 2 rounds of Pullups x 5, Pushups x 10, Uneven Squats R/L x 3/3, Flat Bent Leg Raise x 10, Short Bridge x 15

    No rest between rounds.

    Then spread over the course of the day did:

    4 rounds of Pushups x 10, Uneven Squats R/L x 3/3, Flat Bent Leg Raise x 10

    All exercises done slowly – approx 2 – 3 seconds up and 2 – 3 seconds down.


    Thu 08/Sep/2011:

    Evening – Simplefit L4D3 – 4 minute 46 seconds. 12, 3, 3, 2 pullups, 32, 9 pushups, 41 squats.

    Last rep of each of the last 3 sets of pullups were a struggle. Probably should have done less on the first set and been fresher for the last sets.

    I’m going to repeat Level 4 and try and do better on the pullups.


    You are making very impressive progress. And it sounds like you are keeping great form (unless you happen to have a very long nose). That is terrific!

    Do you have a routine for exercise outside of simplefit?


    I sometimes do kettlebell work (usually swings) – the last one was listed at the start of my log. I intend to add the swing workout back in again soon, so that roughly in a week I’ll have 2 conditioning sessions – a SimpleFit D1 workout day + 1 swing workout day.

    I do some martial arts training for an hour to hour and a half once every week or two – depends on work and family committments.

    I’ve also been playing around with DragonDoors Convict Conditioning on and off for a number of months.


    Sore throat and cough have been bothering me the last couple of days. Will restart Level 4 either Wednesday (14/9) or Thursday (15/9) depending on how well it clears up.


    Thur 15/Sep/2011:

    Still not up for a conditioning style workout yet (ie L4D1). Did 3 rounds of the following over the course of the day:

    Pushups x 15, Uneven Squats R/L x 5/5, Flat Bent Leg Raise x 15, Short Bridge x 15

    All reps performed slowly and controlled.

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