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    I have this urge to blather on right after a workout. I want to post huge raves about how wonderful this site is and give praises to everyone here. “I love you man!” “No – really – I’m serious – you guys are the best – sob sob…”

    As someone who use to use – I wonder…

    Am I high from this?

    Any thoughts?



    Ha! Well I dont know much about using but I have the exact same urge LOL.

    Guess at least if we are addicts at least it is a healthy addiction, well unless we started doing it several hours a day – hmmm, I am in danger of doing that with DDR 🙄

    on second thoughts i am a user of food.


    Well, I know I always get a huge endorphine rush off these workouts and it is always surprising how intense it is considering the short duration, I guess intesity correlates more closely with the release of endorphines than duration because I never got this from long duration steady state cardio. Down side is I get real grumpy when I cant work out 👿


    Come to think of it – I do get grumpy when I “need” a workout.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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