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    First about me. I am 24, 5’11”, 230lb. WAY out of shape. I spend about 9-12 hours in front of a PC in a chair and another 2 commuting sitting down. As you can imagine it is very difficult for me to start any exercise program but I found that the simplefit routine is simple to follow and maintain, even for me.

    I started at L1 and did 4 weeks of that, with the last week being the rest week (half of each day’s exercise). First two weeks were pure torture but it went more smoothly from there. After that i went to L2 and this is my third week. The first week of L2 was pretty bad but i settled into it now. The only deviation from the workouts as outlined is that i sub 3 body rows for each pull up due to lack of a pullup bar and a doorway that can support one (basement apartment).

    My usual performance for L2D1 is 20 rounds. For L2D2 is about 6-8 minutes and L2D3 is about 10 minutes. My problem seems to be endurance on D1 and D3. On D1 the first 10 rounds go by pretty smoothly (in about 8 minutes) but then i am completely out of breath and a little dizzy. I take a full two minute break that point to get my breath back and the next five rounds go by pretty quickly too (in another 3-4 minutes). At minute 13-14 i hit a problem. I do two rounds and then have to stop for almost a full minute to get my breath back. Overall this is how i am able to complete a full 20 minutes with 20 rounds. I thought that after a few weeks my endurance would increase by this has not been the case. Does anyone have any suggestions on this matter?

    As a second question I would like to present my workout goal. Like I said i am 230lb and most of that is fat. My goal is to loose weight while gaining muscle. My main goal though is tone. I don’t think i would care if i would stay at 230lb, which has been the case on this, the seventh, week of the program as long as it was muscle and toned. I have started to see some tone in my upper body and thighs but nothing to write home about. Besides diet, are there any tips anyone can point to that would help me either increase fat loss or speed up toning my body? Or is this the normal rate i should expect? To tell the truth i would be fine if i continue with small progress for the next 6 months :)

    Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading, and to anyone in the same situation as me: keep going…its worth it.


    I’m new here too and new to fitness in general, so I’m not much help, but from what I’ve been reading, the guys here recommend that you not push yourself to the point where you can’t go on. It’s ok to do a few reps and then break for a few minutes. They can explain the intricacies, which I’d like to see because I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a full explanation of the concept of not going to “failure” and taking short breaks to avoid that.


    Welcome fxdemolisher!

    Take your time the endurance will come wait a few more weeks not pushing to hard and see what happens, if it does not improve maybe talk to your doc. Easy does it the important things is you are consistent with constancy and good nutrition you will see results.

    Toning is going to be 60-90% diet you can add allot of muscle but is will not be visible till some fat is shed exercise will hep that but mostly diet. The simplefit diet is hard but it really works fast with strict adherence try to get as close as possible. People usually can lose around 2-3 lb per weak any more than that than they are also losing muscle and water.

    Xtina, training to failure is going till you are not able to complete another rep this should be avoided I usually advocate staying 2-3 reps under failure this will ultimately allow one to do more total work in less time and with greater frequency. It is contrary to what most of us have been told but it really works.


    Hey there! Welcome!

    Go through my Workout logs to see how I am progressing. My quantum leap to pullups happened when I added rest to the workout. I am working now to shorten the length and reduce the frequency of the rest intervals. I think this will take me a while. But I have seen very significant gains.

    I will confess that I am not yet doing the diet! I am doing a lot of research on it first.

    You’ll find that the “prescriptions” in simplefit are meant to be adjusted. Do pay attention to all of the suggestions and experiences you read about – but feel free to pick and choose what works for you. Note that I am still doing L1 after 6 weeks!



    Thanks for the quick reply. Diet is a major issue for me. I have only been able to stick to one diet in the last few years and that was for a few months. My problem is that my sit-down job is purely mental and is high stress. I think as a result of that when its lunch time i go straight for the high fat high carb meal without even thinking much. Same goes for dinner. So far the only meal i am really able to control well is breakfast and that isn’t helping much :).

    My idea was that a good exercise routine might balance my diet out a little. I realize that without proper nutrition I may have to work harder and for longer to achieve any results and i guess your reply confirms that.

    As for failure, I try to stay 1-2 reps under failure. My muscles don’t seem to be as much of a problem as my breathing. Even on D3 I tend to take a small break after 10-15 pushups to keep from going to failure. I hope you are right and that the endurance will come with time.


    Your workout log is really inspiring…Thanks. I include rest in my workouts to make sure i don’t go to failure at any point. On D1 this involves breaks after every few rounds (when i get beyong 10 rounds). on D2 its the full 3 minute break between rounds. On D3 its whatever break i need to keep under failure. For example, with 26 pushups i am able to do the following:

    10 pushups – 1m break

    6 pushups – 1m break

    4 pushups – 2m break

    4 pushups – 1m break

    2 pushups

    Pretty much the same with pullups (i am still subbing body rows 3x). The only exercise i have no problem with is squats. My legs seem to always be the strongest part and somehow i am even able to keep form with a large beer belly :)


    I get the job thing… I am a Tech Support Supervisor/IT guy/Mysql-php dev, so most of the time it is at a desk, with a computer, for 9 hours a day. I also commute 75 minutes a day. When I get bored, anxious, whatever, I use to reach for the complimentary fun size candies… now I make sure I have the $10 cashews container from costco nearby along with my water.

    6’3″ here, 300lbs, so I’m sure I mirror you a bit. Nutrition is hard for me, but I’m working on portions first, and my g/f and I cook nightly, and I bring in leftovers for lunch (and an apple for dessert!). It’s not perfect, and I’m not losing weight like its going out of style, but I’m happy, and progressing. Find what is comfortable, one thing at a time, and once you have that down, you can move forward with something else. You exercise with music I hope?


    Oh, and for endurance in regards to breathing, I suggest swimming. It will help you a lot with lung capacity.


    Amen to the pace Andy. One thing at a time. No unhealthy self-judgment.



    I exercise mostly in the late evenings and without music, since the exercises only take about 20-30 minutes with stretching. Once i move to a new place (next three weeks i hope) i will get a pullup bar and switch my routine to exercising in the mornings.

    Not sure if there has been discussion on what time of day is best, but i think it’ll be easier for me to force myself to start an exercise when i just woke up and not when i am wiped out from work.


    IMHO (In My Humble Opinion), workout times can’t be defined as best or worst for everyone. I like working out after my workday, before dinner. My g/f is all about 6am… whatever time doesn’t make the exercise work just to start it. Music/podcast/tv helps me a lot, even over 20-30 minutes, it helps me keep pushing on Day 1, kill the rest time on day 2, and keep me motivated through my ‘stay under failure you fool’ rests on day 3.

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