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    How fast are the exercises done? I just did Level 1 Day 1 using a smooth controlled cadence (1 – 2 seconds concentric, 1 – 2 seconds eccentric) and got 29 rounds. If I’d moved a bit faster changing exercises I’d probably have added another 5 – 10 rounds.

    Yet I see others have posted 50+ rounds for this workout. Are people doing the day 1 exercises as fast as they can or slow and controlled?




    On D1 you are suppose to “complete as many rounds a possible in 20 minutes” – so strictly speaking there should be nothing holding you back! After all, you are concentrating more on the cardiovascular on D1, so the more rounds, the better. (in other words, as fast as you can)

    D2 is more for building strength and form, so your current approach for D1 should rather be applied on D2. (in other words, more controlled)


    I see others have posted 50+ rounds for this workout

    The program suggest that: “One week a month, allow your muscles to rest by doing the workouts several levels below your normal level”

    People that are on say lvl 5 or higher will post 50+ rounds for D1 if they are using L1 as their rest week.


    OK Thanks. I’ll do D1 & D3 as fast as I can maintain form and D2 with the slower cadence.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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