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    I just put a ” facebook like” button on the index page if you belong to face book and believe in this site please click it to help spread the word.

    file button on bottom of this page http://www.simplefit.org/

    I have also been thinking about making a simple fit face book app and maybe an android and iphone app

    please let me know what you think



    An iPhone app would be great!

    What might also work nicely is if you could get the SF workouts into Dailyburn.com, then we could use their app. Of course, if ad revenue is your goal, this won’t be a viable route.


    yeah, now I just need a developer to write a mobile app for android and iphone and maybe a facebook app

    I was thinking for facebook a “how fit are you” test you could send to friends to see how many rounds of level one day one they could do and they would get a rating from wimp to bad ass or some such and tell them your rating so they could try to beat it, could be fun.

    it could have all your friends and show their “how fit are you” rating

    the android and iphone apps could have timers, track workouts, play workout music, and insult you when you eat refined carbs :)


    I would love an iPhone app! I have wanted to make one since I started simplefit but I can’t program in objective-C. I wanted to use the app the project and reason to learn but have never really gotten round to it with any decent progress.

    I also second the dailyburn workout inclusion. This would be good but a simplefit app could help track the progress better and even help generate posts for your log on the forum!!

    Maybe I could have another go.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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