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    I’m just starting to do SF workouts, and I’m moderately fit enough that the lowest few levels are pretty comfortable for me. My plan is to get up through them as quickly as possible until I hit the point where they start kicking my butt (which should be pretty soon, honestly). I don’t want to guess and check by trying to do a higher level, failing, and then getting discouraged – I’d rather progress naturally up the ladder, so to speak.

    My question: is it okay to do more than 3 of these workouts in a week? Like, next week, could I try and plow through all of L2 on back-to-back days, and if I get under 5′ on D3, move straight to L3 on Thursday? I figure it’s the fastest way for me to get to the workouts that I really need to be doing… or is it patently stupid for me not to let my body rest between these workouts?


    – Ry


    I would say three-in-a-row would not be too bad if you weren’t doing the same moves every day. Suppose you did L2D1 on Monday, run on Tuesday, Deadlifts on Wednesday…

    Three back-to-back SF workouts – nah. Why not change your “go through all levels” approach and skip to a higher D3 for a test. If you can do L5D3 with no substitutions in less that 20 or 30 minutes, then stay there.

    You might try Monday L2D3. Beat 5 minutes – Wednesday L3D3. Beat 5 minutes – Friday L4D3 – i.e. skip the D1 and D2 until you get your level.

    Just my 2


    just keep in mind if you get tendonitis you are benched for 6 weeks listen to your body


    Tell me about it – in high school I got tendinitis during a XC season… not so good.

    I really like the idea of doing D3 up a level – I think I’ll do that next week… that way I won’t be jumping the gun too much, and I’ll hit the level where I need to be working pretty quickly, and I can ride that for a while.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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