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    Breakfast: 2 homemade waffles (oatmeal, eggwhites, cinnamon), 1/4 apple, 1 cup of non-fat milk

    Heed Energy Drink at gym, 2 – 500ml bottles of water

    Lunch: non-fat yogurt (40cal), 1/4 apple, 3 strawberries, handful of carrots, broccoli, and 8 almonds, 1 500ml bottle of water

    2 cups of green tea (no sweetener),

    1 bottle of water

    Supper: 4oz of chicken (with hotsauce), LOTS of steamed broccoli, handful of raw carrots, handful of strawberries and grapes, cup of green tea, one bottle of water

    Anywhere I need to improve????? I am totally open to suggestions…


    What are your goals in regard to nutrition?


    I am not really sure. I can do the workouts, but the nutrition end of it always stumps me. I think that i have a relatively healthy diet, but as for goals, I wouldnt even know where to begin. any suggestions?


    If you are happy with your body comp and have enough energy than why mess? If you want to drop fat and have more energy I would eliminate the refined carbs, and replace them with whole fruits and vegitables.

    This is an ideal to shoot fore imho



    Your one day would be a meal for me. At my size and metabolism – add exercise – and I need a BUNCH of food. I generally try to eat clean, but don’t stress too much about amount. I do know that I don’t always eat because my body tells me to – but I strive for that.

    Iwas so drained yesterdat that I added another 600 – 700 calories to my supper. The way I feel this morning I know I definitely needed it.


    That is awesome the way you listen to your body like that!!!! I wish I was more “in tune” with what my body needs. As for my food log – that is what I typically eat – but yesterday I was “carb loading” for my run today. I always feel a little bloated when I have to do that.

    Breakfast: 2 homemade waffles, 1 tbsp of maple syrup, 1/2cup of strawberries, 1 cup of milk, 1 cup of green tea

    snack: apple, 1/2 whole grain bar, bottle of water

    Lunch: 1 cup of brown rice with 1/2tsp of soya sauce, 4oz of wild sockeye salmon, 1 cup of broccoli, some carrots, strawberries and grapes (I had a late lunch as I was out grocery shopping and knew I was going out for an evening of poker…haha), one bottle of water

    snack:other 1/2 of the whole grain bar, one bottle of water

    In the evening, while playing cards, I heavily snacked on veggies (carrots, broccoli, cucumber, tomatoes, red and green peppers. I also had probably two servings of mixed nuts, and as a treat, a handful of Jelly Belly Beans….yummy! Also drank two bottles of water, a glass of cranberry juice, and a glass of gingerale and cranberry juice.


    Sunday’s food log:


    4oz of oatmeal with 4 strawberries – 1/4 cup of milk mixed in, bottle of water

    heed energy drink while at gym


    3.5oz of wild salmon, 1/2 cup of brown rice, 1 cup of broccoli, bottle of water


    bottle of water, and 1/2 a large bag of popcorn (went to a movie)


    This is where it all goes bad :(

    Chinese buffet where I had a plate of MSG and grease….yummy…followed up with a sliver of banana cream pie… 😳 oh well, can’t be perfect all the time, and 4 glasses of water to try and wash it all away


    ok, well the day was already blown so I had 4 pieces of twizzlers….Monday is a new day…….



    2 homemade waffles, 2 large strawberries, bottle of water, 2 calcium supplements, multivitamin

    heed recovery drink at gym

    cup of green tea


    2 containers of fatfree yogurt with strawberries, snap peas, 10 almonds, bottle of water, cup of green tea

    cup of green tea, 8oz glass of water


    2 pieces of roast beef, 1/4 cup of mashed potatoes, spinach and broccoli, glass of water


    weightwatchers fudgsicle bar (90 cal, 4g of sugar)

    Going to another movie tonight – going to try not to have any popcorn though…wish me luck!


    Jerky is a good movie food

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