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    Hello everyone, I’m new to simplefit (started last month). There is one thing I am very confused about, whether to lose body fat first then gain mass or vice versa. I understand that it is impossible to gain mass without gaining fat, however from my starting point I don’t think it’s healthy for me. I’m about 165cm weighing around 60kg, it’s already light for my height you see but I know I also have a bit of a belly.

    I know that nutrition should be the first thing I should look at. But should I eat healthy AND aim to gain weight? Or should I eat healthy with a goal of losing the belly first? Should I go doing more cardio to lose the belly or should I simply aim to bulk up in spite of the belly? What other exercises should I incorporate along with simplefit for my goal of getting fit and toned?


    Hi VG, take a look at the posts under the title simplefit newbie. I’d also look at the progress of some of our other simplefit members. Cheapo and Vb are the two I’d recommend. My personal recommendation as you’ll see in the post is to quit thinking about gaining or losing. I’d recommend training yourself mentally to think about getting as fit as you possibly can and not worrying about the rest. Having said that, I think there are exceptions. If you have plans to be a bodybuilder or something like that then the focus would be on how you look. That is a subject for more experts to weigh in on than me but I would suggest that simplefit is probably not for you if that is your goal. Again, personal opinion here, I don’t believe it’s helpful long term. I’ve found that once most folks transition past that thought process into thinking like an “athlete” they tend to do much better and stick to their programs. I spent years trying to gain mass and look more muscular without much success. Starting, quitting, trying something new. Just a vicious cycle. I’m just now starting to understand what it means to think in the terms of an athlete. Your not too likely to see me on the front pages of some magazine with a trophy in my hand. But you never know.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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