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    I am 5’10”, 194 lbs, and 28 yeards old. Like some of you here, I came across SimpleFit in Cheapo’s post on Marksdailyapple. I started eating primal/paleo in September 2012 and have been fairly strict, with the exception of the holidays, since then. I have gone from 242 to 194 in 5 months. Throughout that time, my only consistent exercise has been walking a couple or three days a week for 30 to 45 minutes. I have dabbled in the Starting Strength program but can’t consistently find time for 45 minutes or more of weightlifting. I believe SimpleFit will provide me with a solid workout in a minimal amount of time.

    My goals:

    1. To stay healthy and fit for as long as my daughter(2 years old) needs me.

    2. To reach my fitness/athletic potential

    Short term goals:

    1. To weigh 175 on my birthday, March 30th.

    (this is a rather arbitrary goal as I’m not too concerned with what the scale says but I believe that my ideal body composition lies somewhere around the 175 lb mark.)

    2. To reach Level 6 by March 30, 2013.

    Friday – L1D3 = 3:48 This was a test to see what level I should start on.

    Tonight will be L2D1

    I will post results tomorrow.


    L2D1 – 30 Rounds

    I paced myself pretty well and am happy with the results.

    I alternated between chin-ups and Pull-ups with a few sets of body rows(3=1) towards the end.

    I tried to start this program in 2011 right after my daughter was born and ended up quitting L1D1 after about 15 minutes. So I am already way ahead physically from where I was then.


    That’s a great start! Welcome on board. Keep up the work and let us know how it is progressing.


    Great rounds m8, good job, keep on posting :)


    Well, I managed to complete L2D2 despite the pools of water flooding my basement(my workout area).

    I did not time the rounds. Just tried to focus on form.


    Is it okay to break up the pull-ups on day two? For example, L2D2 is 3 Pull-ups, can I do 2, then 1?

    I can manage 3 pull-ups a set for the first couple of rounds, but the last couple I struggle.


    The challenge for day two is to beat your times to complete the five sets. If you have to break up any of the exercises to get through, just work on beating your time each week. This will eventually get you to complete sets of three for this level. This has been my experience, and given time it works.


    Friday 2/1

    L2D3 – 3:40

    Moving on up!


    Great result! Congratulations!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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