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    Hi everyone,

    I found out about this site from, I think. Love the concept, and the bodyweight workouts are just right for someone (like me) who has access to a free fitness center about 1/2 mile away, but keeps putting off working out until I can fit it into my schedule (Ha!).

    What am I?

    32 years old, just shy of 6′, and about 275-280 Lb. for the past few years. I wear a 46 waist in pants, and always need XXL in tops.

    I would like to be at 230 Lb. by June, and be fitting into XL men’s tops.

    Also, I would like to maintain a regular fitness program for at least 4 weeks, then an additional 4, etc etc. I have, in the past, started a program only to drop it three weeks later when “something came up”.

    That’s the weight goal – I also expect/plan to have more energy, and be engaged in more regular physical activity than I am now.

    I have been eating a fairly balanced diet for a few years now, and cut out most processed sugars in order to lower my risk for diabetes. In the past, I have been able to lose weight from regular increased physical activity and slight modifications to what I eat. In order to make my goals more reachable, and feel better, I am following a good chunk of the advice from a recent Good Eats episode – the advice was not drastically diferent from normative food recommendations (ie, non fad diet advice), but I like the specific list of foods Alton Brown made.

    OK, them’s the goals.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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