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    No exercise program in the world will compensate for poor nutrition!

    60 – 90 % of your body composition will be determined by what you eat!

    Normal humans can drop fat at a max of 2-3 lbs a week anybody getting different results is probably losing a fat water muscle combo

    This is the program that I and many others have found extremely effective. You will never see this on tv because it cannot be packaged or sold.

    lean meat ( fit in palm of hand )

    non starchy vegetables ( as much as you can eat )

    nuts or a little olive oil ( for cooking veg or as dressing )

    small amount of fruit preferably berries

    construct meals like that 3-5 times a day and you can drop 2-3 lb of fat a week

    do this strictly for 1 month so you know how extreemly effective this is, if you half way do it you may become discouraged and fall back into old patterns.

    Do it 100% for 1 month and you will succeed in losing 8-12 lbs of fat

    Start now make a contract with your self and plan your meals for the rest of the week tonight

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