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    Thought I would post something kind of interesting. Some time before finding crossfit and simplefit I had found and have been trying to reach the level of doing pistols and one-armed pushups. I found an article on there where a guy would do pullups everytime he went in his basement and over time was doing 20 no problem.

    I’ve been doing a pistol (one legged squat) everytime I go down my stairs and a one-armed pushup when I go up my stairs. Now of course I’m not doing that full weight yet. I’m doing it with assistance and the one arm pushups i began almost vertical doing it on a step at chest height.

    Every time I do the pushup I try to do at least one. If it’s comfortable I try another. when it starts to get hard I stop. I started standing at the bottom of my stairs doing one armed pushups at chest level. I’ve gone down a couple stairs now so that I start at approx hip level. When I hit five I go down a step.

    Been doin that for a couple months or so. Not too bad an improvement for what seems like doing almost nothing.

    Pistols are a little harder to guage but basically I try to get a complete squat without assistance. When I started I was falling on my butt. Now I’m almost at a complete negative without falling. Cant come back up yet though. Just thought it might be interesting to note.


    The only caveat with greasing the groove is you need to be vigilant for tendinitis


    I’m reviving this old thread because I’m interested in a similar thing… I read” class=”bbcode_url”> which seems to indicate that doing pull ups all day whenever you can is a great way to increase pull up capacity. It seems like the only problem, like Kevin just said, is tendinitis…

    So… how do I watch for tendinitis? Is that the only thing I should be concerned about?


    By the way – my plan is slightly different… I’m going to be doing very very small rep sets (1 to 2 pullups) with high frequency all day. I have my pullup bar 20 feet from where I’m working at my desk, so I can easily get up and do a tiny set and then get back to work. Is this an idea that has any merit?


    GTG should take into account your failure point. Stay a couple of reps below failure. There’s also the approach where you do 1 pullup a day for a week then 2 a day for a week and so on.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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