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    There’s no snow where I am yet, but it’s not far off, so I’ve been searching for a good form of cardio to do over the winter months to supplement the simple fit workout. Walking and running are pretty much out of the question since the sidewalks get snow covered along with ice buildup. I can’t afford a lifecycle or C2 rower yet so that’s out. What was left?

    After a little digging I found the perfect solution: a jump rope. It’s cheap, ultra-portable, improves your coordination and is, for the most part, simple to use. I say simple “for the most part” because although simple to use in theory, it does require a bit of practice to get the coordination down.

    After a little trial and error (OK, a little trial and a lot of error) I was finally able to get a pretty good rhythm going. I look nothing like those boxers you see jumping rope in the movies, but I was able to go for minutes at a time without tripping up, and by the end of it I was huffing and puffing like I’d sprinted around the block.

    Here are some points of interest that I found while researching this and thought I’d pass along for any other beginners:

    – To determine the proper length for the rope, step in the middle of the rope with both feet. The handles of the jump rope should reach your armpits

    – Jumping rope provides an excellent cardio workout, and while it doesn’t pound your joints as much as running, it does put stress on your knees and ankles so be sure to wear a good shoe and try to jump on a surface other than concrete

    – Jumping rope works not only your calves and the rest of your legs, it also indirectly works your core, arms and shoulders (I found this out after my first long jump rope session)

    – You may notice that after jumping rope for about a minute or more that you start to trip up more often. This happens because you begin to tire out. A good way to combat this is to change your jumping technique every couple of minutes. For example, start with the simple two-foot jump, then switch to hopping on one foot for a couple turns then switch to the other, then jump from side to side in a slalom, then jump back and forth, then run with knees high while-jumping rope etc..

    – An example of how to include jumping rope into a simple fit program would be something like:

    Jump rope 3 min.

    Push ups

    Jump rope 3 min.


    Jump rope 3 min.


    Jump rope 3 min.

    The site that gave this example routine said they chose a 3 min. duration for jumping because 3 min. is the length of a round in boxing (just thought I’d mention that)

    There you have it. A great simple way to include cardio into the simple fit program – a rope attached to some handles, it doesn’t get any simpler than that :D


    Thanks for the detailed tip!


    I may try this.

    Does anybody know if this type of cardio would fall under anaerobic or aerobic?


    good stuff, just remember to bring the bucket :)


    Included jumping rope into a modified simplefit D2 workout last night. I didn’t need the bucket, but it was close :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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