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    Hello. Registered here today, I found the idea of this community very interesting, like, squeezing everything from these 3 basic exercises.

    My goal is keep on losing excess weight and progress in pull ups. Shameful thing, I doubt I can do 10 bodyweight pullups in a row, although I’m ok in pushups (can do 30) and moreover squats (can do 100).

    Simplefit’s workout routine will be like a morning training for me. Coz several times during the week I workout on the pull up bar, do elevated pushups with additional weight, plus some other exercises… and trying to do as many interval training as possible. Now I weight 88-89 kg with 186 cm of height. My goal is 80-83 kg. And my age is 30.

    Well, will start Level 1 Day 1 after waking up, on Tuesday.


    Don’t worry about how many bodyweight rows, pullups, or anything else you can do. Everyone starts someplace.


    So, L1D1 passed. It was hard, I must admit, by the end of the time I was extremely wet.

    The pushups I was doing were narrow stance pushups on my knuckles. Martial arts-like, hehe.

    The hardest part was pullups, but I did them, with some cheating, but who cares, I did them.

    And the squats were no problem for me at all. I could do them over and over up to 100 and more. I’ve got strong legs.

    So I made 28 rounds in 20 min. I had to take some breaks of course, maybe 10, sometimes 20 seconds, I had to slow the process down eventually, otherwise I wouldn’t make it till the 20th minute.


    My muscles are sore today. Lats mostly. No wonder, yesterday I did the biggest number of pullups in my life – 28. Yes, they were done in 28 sets but still, this number is huge for me.


    L1D2, did everything as planned, 4:18. This time it were pushups (narrow, on my knuckles) that was hard but I pushed it through.

    Dunno how it’ll be on the Day 3, coz I won’t certainly do 10 pullups in one set. Maybe I’ll have to dwell on the Level 1 longer.


    Knuckle push-ups

    If one is <5:00 on Day 2, one will usually be <5:00 on Day 3. You don't have to do the 10 pull-ups in one set. Divide them into as many sets as you need. Good luck!


    So… Level 1 Day 3. I took 2 days of rest btwn D2 and D3. What I did today was like this:

    6 pull ups -> 11 narrow knuckle push ups -> 21 squats -> 4 pull ups -> 10 narrow knuckle push ups.

    Time is 3m20s.

    Despite I did the required number of pull ups and push ups I will not level myself up because I’m being honest with myself – my lats+biceps and triceps still need more strength. I’ll better dwell on the level 1 one week longer to be truly ready for the future levels. Ain’t got nowhere to hurry…

    The day when I perform 10 pull ups in 1 set will be one of the happiest days in my life. And I know this day will come in couple of weeks. After all, today I did 6 consecutive pull ups which is kind of close to 10.


    All right, here’s my 2nd unsuccessful try to pass Level 1.

    L1D1 (Jul 27) – 30 sets

    L1D2 (Jul 28) – 5m45s but this counts as “passed” because I did 5 sets without pause, without the recommended “about 3 min or rest between sets”. But actually it doesn’t matter if I passed D2 or not because…

    L1D3 (Jul 31) – time = 4m10s, did 21 squats no problem but I did pull ups and push ups in 2 sets – 6+4 and 11+10 respectively. Same as my 1st try on the level 1.

    Now taking into account explanations I received about the 3rd day, I CAN level up to the Level 2, but I’ll wait. I’m being honest with myself, still have weak triceps, and have to work on pullups… there’s no need to rush to highest levels.


    1. Don’t worrying too much about “passing” day 2. Make sure you’re doing all the moves with good form. Keep track of the break time between sets and possibly reduce the time in the following week to build more up the necessary muscle endurance for day 3.

    2. You seem upset that you’re having to breakup the pullup and pushup sets on day 3. I think this is to be expected, especially for the upcoming levels.

    All in all, I think you’d be safe to move up.


    jbowling13 wrote:

    Having to breakup the pullup and pushup sets on day 3. I think this is to be expected, especially for the upcoming levels.


    Well, like, yeah… I should have thought about it. Say, level 3 – 13 pull-ups in the Day 3. If I wait till I’m able to perform 13 in 1 set, I’ll be dwelling on these levels for years.

    Thanks for the tip, I’ve already did the L1D1 routine and it’s going to be my last dwelling on L1.

    I took this wrong decision about waiting till I can perform all in 1 set because I wanted to be strict to myself.

    NEVER BE STRICT TO YOURSELF as far as fitness is concerned. It just don’t work good.


    Complete each exercise, then move on.

    Instead of:

    gryphvs wrote:

    6 pull ups -> 11 narrow knuckle push ups -> 21 squats -> 6 pull ups -> 10 narrow knuckle push ups.

    Do: 6 pull ups -> 4 pull ups -> 11 narrow knuckle push ups -> 10 narrow knuckle push ups -> 21 squats


    Cheapo, what’s the basis for completing the reps before moving onto the next exercise?

    I’ve been doing it that way, just wondering why that is the preferred method.


    I don’t really know why it is the preferred method. I can’t say it produces better results, as I really don’t know, but that’s how the program was designed and I do think it is harder that way.


    Yes, it is harder this way.

    L1D1 (Aug 2) – 25 sets

    L1D2 (Aug 4) – 4m15s

    L1D3 (Aug 6) – 4m10s (pull-ups 7+2+1 -> push-ups 12+6+3 -> squats 21)

    Well, level up.


    L2D1 (Aug 8th) – 22 sets

    L2D2 (Aug 11) – 4m40s

    L2D3 (Aug 13) – 4m20s (5 pull-ups -> 10 push-ups -> 15 squats -> 5 pull-ups -> 10 push-ups -> 11 squats -> 3 pull-ups -> 6 push-ups)

    Level up…

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