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    Body composition: I’m currently 5’9 and 183 lbs at 17.5% bodyfat. Age 35

    I’d like to get to 165 lbs and under 10%.

    Current Fitness:

    Pushups: 35

    One-arm pushups: very sketchy

    Pullups: 10 (haven’t tested max, but 8 were getting close to the end)

    Dips: 5 (0 on rings)

    Pistols: 4 per side

    Evil wheel: full rollout with ramp on couch


    Pushups: 75

    One-arm pushups: 10 per side

    Pullups: 22 deadhang

    Dips: 15 on rings

    Pistols: 10 per side

    Evil wheel: 5 full rollouts with one wheel and with single-hand wheels

    Crossfit North Skill Levels section:

    40 pushups on rings (Level III)

    Hanging knees to elbows (Level II)

    Muscleup: 1 (Level II)

    1 mile run: 6 minutes (Level III)

    L-sit: 30 seconds (Level II)

    Current stair climbing performance:

    1 -> 9: 56.55 seconds

    9 -> 20: 1:14.86

    9 -> 30: 3:42.22

    Golf Driver:

    Current: 260 yards @ 110 mph(clubhead) / 160 mph(ballspeed)

    Goal : 280 yards @ 117 mph(clubhead) / 170 mph(ballspeed)


    Oh yeah, I forgot a little background. I’ve lost about 20 lbs in the last year and came down from over 22% bodyfat to my current state. I’m moderately active – my last program was running about 20-40 flights of stairs a day and I walk and play golf, but no running sports.

    I’ve made really good progress lately by going to a paleo diet with some rice. I find it hard to get enough fat though – I eat a ton of raw veggies(8-10 cups a day), some fruit, raw almonds and other nuts. I added in 85% dark chocolate lately and try to supplement with fish oil. I only eat out about twice a week, but usually go off paleo on those meals.


    Other current stats for historical purposes:

    Standing long jump (socks, on carpet): 7’1″

    V-ball style vertical touch: 9’6″ or 24″ vert

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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