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    Alright, so being 265 is getting rather old. I had one of the guys at the station point out simplefit.org as a good way to get back into the swing of working out again. At 5’10” I’m well over my ideal body weight and being recently married with a baby on the way and recently promoted I figured I’d start leading by example on both fronts. Here goes nothing.

    I can’t do pull ups, so right now I’m finding ways to cheat.

    During L1 D1 I did 35 rounds…pull ups were of the “jump as hard as I can and pull the rest of the way” type with a slow return to the bottom. The 35 rounds were a mix of those and body rows. I didn’t realize until I was done that when you substitute 1 pull up you are supposed to do 3 for ALL of them…the jump ones I did only 1 but when I did body rows I did 3. I’ll fix that for next week.

    For today I did L1D2 for pull ups I used a bar on the rack with only one foot to help me up throughout the movement. I remembered to do 6 pull ups since they were substitutes ..instead of 2. Was able to knock out the workout in 5:37 with the 3 minute rest between sets.

    Now out of curiosity, I read the rule where if you complete the workout in less than 5 minutes you move up a level, if it takes you more than 30 you move down one…which day does this apply to? 2, or 3?


    Hi – welcome!

    The 5 min/30 min rule applies to D3 only. Whether you do this only when you have no subs is a matter of choice. I stuck to L1 until I could do D3 under 5min legit.

    Be careful about doing a ton of negatives on your pullups – you’ll hurt your elbows. Make sure you use body rows a lot. Only throw in the negs now and again. Be sure to use proper form on the squats. Crossfit has some video tutorials on these that might be worth a look.

    I say all of these because they applied to me at some point.

    Again – welcome and keep at it.


    Thanks VBM, I appreciate the reply.

    10/26/08 L1D3 5:26

    Pull-ups 30(15, 6, 6, 3)

    Pushups 21(11,10)

    Squats 21(11,10)

    Followed it up with walking up 40 flights at our local hi-rise(benefit of working out on duty, did 10,5,5,5,5,3,3,4)

    All of these are cheat pull-ups using a bar infront of where I’m pulling up.

    Not feeling much different but it’s only the first week, I’m thinking of staying on this level till I can do it with regular pull ups. What do you guys think. Should I or should I continue moving when I hit 5 minutes and the pull ups will come by themselves as I get stronger?


    This is just my personal opinion and I’m very new with simplefit as well but I think its best to progress once you can because even if you go up a level you’ll still be working on the pullups and you won’t be wasting time on a level of pushups and squats that aren’t difficult enough for you. It just seems like the best way to get everything out of it.

    I started at level 4 right away just because I want to be doing as difficult of work as my body can handle. I can do about 6 real pullups but can’t do any more than that in which i do substitutions.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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