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    Protein Power lifespan: Michael and Marie Eaded M.D.

    Paleo Diet: Loren Cordain, Ph.D.

    Lights out: T.S. Whiley Bent Formby PH.D.

    Mastering The Zone: DR Sears Barry PH.D.

    I also made a simplified eating plan based on the guidelines of these books

    It is hard but if you can do it strict for 2 weeks you will find it becomes easy as your insulin sensitivity increases and your body starts burning fat as primary fuel.

    I recommend people do it 100% for a month and see the dramatic results so they know what really works.

    Hope it helps

    Immortal Wombat

    I noticed the whole pre-neolithic diets thing a little while before coming here and when I was being more strict with them it really made a difference not just to my flab but to my general digestive comfort. After breakfast every day I felt lethargic and unwilling to do anything. When I cut out grains and dairy and ate more meat, fruit and veg everything was different, I felt alive, I felt normal.

    Anyhoo, my two cents after reading neanderthin and paleo diet, is that the author of neanderthin is a little bit mentally unstable, but he does have a point on the fat in meat not being as bad for you as the author of paleo claims. People had been eating (and preferring) the fatty parts of animals for millennia without ill effect, and the fact that they were eating saturated fat doesn’t translate to saturated fat coating your arteries, the coated arteries being a response to the insulin and blood sugar craziness that refined carbs cause.

    I am by no means a nutritionist, but the ‘don’t worry about animal fat’ vibe of neanderthin rang truer to me than the ‘only have lean meat’ paranoia of paleo.

    This Guy talks further about how saturated fat turns out to be a good thing for pigs, and I would imagine we are similar to pigs in that respect (we are very close to pigs physically).

    Edit: It seems I may have shot myself in the ass with half remembered facts. The above guy actually doesn’t say animal fat is good, which leads me to believe I may have misremembered what neanderthin guy said…*goes to find book*


    Thanks great stuff, if I was to recommend one book it would be “Protein Power lifespan: Michael and Marie Eaded M.D” They have really done their research and present all the science in detail. In fact I often need to go to a friend who is a molecular biologist to explain some of it to me.


    I’ll second The Zone books by Spears. I just started this eating habit approx 6 days ago and have already experienced a drop in almost an inch across my stomach. I should preface that by saying I have been running pretty religiously for 6 weeks prior to starting, so that of course has something to do with it.

    The good thing about the Zone is I no longer have cravings for junk. Prior, I would wake up in the middle of my sleep and grab 6 cookies and a glass of milk without even really knowing it. I know, I know….mentally i do miss my Oreos!! however I no longer feel the need to have them.

    Another thing I really like about it is I had one day where I had a few beers and it didn’t completely throw me off balance. I just picked back up that night with my eating. Back in the days when I did South Beach, a few beers would more or less negate a weeks worth of pain.

    So far….thumbs up. As for the physical performance increase that the Zone claims to offer, we shall see in another month when I have a State police physical. 😯

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