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    So alittle about me. I’m currently 24, and weigh around 400 pounds (don’t know for sure mainly because most scales don’t go high enough).

    From 8th grade til Junior year in HS I was one of the strongest, fastest people I knew. Obviously, I’ve slacked alittle on my physical health.

    Anyway, I want to try to get back to my previous fitness level. Saw the crossfit site, got linked here, going to try to give it a go.

    I have a couple questions though. I have quiet a large amount of free time, read student with no job, and was hoping to work out more than an hour or so a day.

    The schedule for here and crossfit are both based around single, daily regiments. I was wondering how to approach this. I love the ideas over at Gym Jones, but I wouldn’t want to be at that level without a trainer.

    Last, at 400+ pounds, I don’t trust any doorway pullup bars, and living in an apartment means I can’t get a nice expensive bar and attach it anywhere.

    Any ideas for how much work per day and what to do about pullups?




    This kept nagging at me after I posted so I figured I’d throw it down.

    My fitness spark mainly came after seeing 300. Call it superficial, but its more than just that now. I searched for their routine and saw Gym Jones’ site and read just about everything there. Then I saw alot of comments about CrossFit being similar to the Gym Jones things and more accessible, so I checked that out, watched a bunch of movies which are absolutely amazing, and finally found a link here.

    My goal is still to be as fit as those guys in 300, but I really don’t care about the looks anymore. Just want to get back to being in great physical condition.

    PS. You can move this to the community forum where it is likely a better fit and I won’t take any offence. ;)


    Hi and welcome!

    Go ahead and get a door bar and put a towel over it for now so you can keep your feet on the floor or go to a park and throw a towel over a tree limb.

    Also at your weight walking will will burn allot so do the workouts here as you can then walk as much as possible it will flush the lactic acid from the workouts and burn fat, walk hours if you can.

    Great to have you here


    I second the importance of walking. Several years ago I trained up for a trek in the White Mountains (NH) with my son. I literally walked off 40 pounds over a 6 month period. I also dieted sensibly, along the lines of the Zone diet. I lost another 5 pounds on the 3 day trek, even though I ate ravenously each morning and evening we were out. Unfortunately, I’ve gained the weight back, but that’s a story for another time.

    So get out there and walk. Get some good shoes or boots and work up to 6 miles a day. You have the time. Another benefit is that being out and breathing fresh air really helps to clear your thoughts, which should help you with your studies. Just my $0.02 worth. Good luck.

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