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    Hi all,

    I’m Sean, male, 41 years old, 89kg (195.8lbs), 5ft9inch, lives in the North East of England.

    Just had to say hi and that I’m really glad I found this site, it’s what I’ve been looking for, for absolutely years.

    I’ve lifted weights on and off for decades as most reading this probably have done. Discovered Mentzers HIT ten years ago which really impressed me and changed the way I thought about the time I spent in gyms, but I still drifted in and out of exercise – due to injuries, work and other commitments.

    I started occasional bodyweight-only training a few years ago, mainly out of necessity due to spending a lot of time in hotel rooms (cheap ones), company staffhouses, on oil rigs both offshore and on land and found I enjoyed this type of exercise a lot. In fact, the realisation that after all the weight lifting in the past I was still neither the shape I wanted to be or the strength I desired woke me up to trying something else, and bodyweight training is it!

    The whole-body strength and coordination that people can demonstrate by doing a plance, or handstand push up is, to me, way more meaningful than someone who can bench-press a large weight, and it can be practiced in a room with no equipment, so that’s where I’m at. I’m ready to start on this road, eating healthier, and hopefully achieving goals that have evaded me for years.

    I’ll not be paying my gym membership when it’s up for renewal – its only £25 a year as it’s a very basic hardcore place with the obligatory rusty weights, broken floor and leaking roof, and to be honest, I joined it mainly for socialising I think. Due to a back injury I’ve only trained there once last year anyway, the temptation to over lift the weights and possibility of re-injury is too high, bodyweight only training is just so much more sensible for me at this age now.

    I feel like a lucky fella to have come across this site.




    Welcome Sean!


    Hi Ruli and guys, well I tried L1D1 today – phew. Got a good sweat on and my thighs felt it afterwards when walking down stairs.

    Guess I’d better post the ‘results’ in the workout section. It was fun – and quick! :P

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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