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    Hi, I’m new here.

    Like some of the others who posted here I once tried the WOD from crossfit.com but found it too hard and I don’t have some of the equipment.

    Saturday I did the L1-D1 workout. Had to stop after 12 minutes(17 rounds) though, because my elbow hurt when doing pull-ups. That problem luckily could be solved by some trigger point massage.

    Today I did the L1-D2 workout. Managed to complete the 5 rounds in 7 minutes.

    In the past, my biggest problem with training was that I tried to do too much too soon. I hope having this fixed schedule here will help me to avoid this.

    I plan to progress to the next level only when I manage to do the Day 3 workout in less than 5 minutes (might be too hard for the higher levels, but let’s see).



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