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    Hello Kevin!

    Quickly me: I’m a 27 year old female, 145 lbs, 62 inches, BMI is 26.5 and in my opinion BS because it doesn’t take into account body composition. My waist is 29 and my (familial) hips are 41 inches. My body fat (depending on the website or impedance testing) is 22-35%. I’m a past dancer, past kinesiologist, and current Naturopathic Doctor. I’ve lost 30 pounds this year, and intend to lose another 10 to reach my arbitrary goal weight of 135 pounds. And then who knows? I currently exercise every week day morning for 30-60 minutes, usually involving kickboxing-y, aerobic-y, interval-y, dance-y type stuff supplemented with resistance bands and free weights. Stretching is part of my daily existance (comes with the territory of being a past dancer). I eat a whole foods diet and am currently not consuming alcohol or sugar. I found your website as an external link from reference.com after looking up calisthenics. I’m hoping to tone up and slim down, and like the idea of gym-free, low-tech but highly effective training and tracking my progress. Funny how the quickly me is never as quick as I want it to be.

    Quickly my questions:

    1. Who are you and what are your credentials to host this site? Oooh… that sounds harsh, I don’t mean to hate on, I’m just curious. I’m smart enough to know what is right for me (and my patients), and know where to follow up with information that I find a) intriguing or b) incorrect. I suppose I’m just trying to get a sense of your credibility so I know how much value I want to put on this information. Ok, smiling. Again, I don’t mean to be a jerk, I’m just interested and fascinated by people. If it’s any consolation, I’m impressed with the studies you have posted.

    2. How do I know when to change levels?

    3. To confirm, for day 2: I do one round (timed) and then wait 3 minutes and repeat that process 4 times?

    Quickly sign off:

    Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you, and I hope you have the best day ever!

    really-not-a-jerk Tonia



    Welcome to simplefit.

    I suggest a read through some of the workout logs. Judging from outcomes only, this is a decent workout.

    Also, look at crossfit.com – simplefit is a pre-i’m-not-quite-ready-for-crossfit workout.

    I’m not Kevin, but felt compelled.


    TO answer some of your questions so Kevin can handle just #1…


    2. How do I know when to change levels?

    When your day 3 time is below 5 minutes, you bump up to the next level. This is also open for some interpretation, since some wait till they are performing full pull-ups/pushups before moving out of level 1 (see volleyball_man), and others will move forward while still doing 3:1 alternates for pull-ups (see me).


    3. To confirm, for day 2: I do one round (timed) and then wait 3 minutes and repeat that process 4 [more] times?

    Exactly, for 5 rounds total. And the rest time should be 3-5 minutes (most do the 3 minutes), whatever it takes to reset your muscles between rounds. Day 1 is endurance, Day 2 is Strength, and Day 3 is pacing and testing.

    I hope that helps!


    Ok, perfect! Thanks guys for getting back to me.

    One more question (well, that I can’t guarentee, but one more for now)

    On day 2, do I record the total time including the 3 minute breaks, or just the best time or the average time for one round?

    Good thing I didn’t guarentee that because I have another question. My pull-ups today on day 1 of level 1 were towel over the door, definitely jump assisted, but held for 2-3 seconds, and lowered with no problem. I did 28 rounds in the 20 minutes. Do I have to do 3 of said jump assisted pull-ups to equal one legit pull-up?

    Okee, I think that’s all for me, time for breakfast! Enjoy the day!



    I do the 3:1 on negatives (what you describe) for pullups. The general consensus is that negatives are more stressful to the muscle and thus you should be careful not to overdo them. I do a few now and again. I find that body rows are a better sub for pullups. There are several threads in here that will give this info.

    I have seen different interpretations on the time record. I am using this: I’ll consider L1D3 to be satisfactorily done when I can do it in the time recommended, without resting and using no subs. This is my personal goal – none of the suggestions you see in here are anything more than suggestions. Wade through the wheat and chaff knowing that my wheat may be your chaff!

    Listen to your body and adjust accordingly.


    Right so…

    for day 2, though, I time myself for one round. Rest 3 minutes. Do another round, timed, rest… etc… By the end of the 5 rounds, I have 5 times which I add together? Average out? Are the breaks included in the total time?




    Hi Thintonia and welcome!

    I have no credentials and am no expert I respect your question it is a good one. I am just a normal guy who loves doing research, tried allot of stuff to get in shape, and put all the stuff that really worked together in one place for people to use.

    One day I woke up got out of bed. I stood in front of the mirror and thought, “Who is this fat bastard?” I was fat, really fat and in terrible shape. I’d get winded just brushing my teeth, keeping up with my toddler son, or walking to the couch.

    I decided I was going to lose the fat. In pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, I went online to find a fitness program that would work for me. I was confronted with a serious deluge of marketing bullshit, expensive online programs, food supplements and training equipment.

    After wasting a lot of time and money I stumbled across some great sites like crossfit and theperformancemenu and many others. They offer a wealth of very good, honest how-to information that was credible and not just a ploy to get me to buy things. I went from 212 to 175 while putting on muscle and have maintained it ever since.

    This site is my effort to consolidate, simplify, and organize what I have found to work for other people like me without allot of time who want to get in shape in the most straightforward and effective way IMHO.

    To blindly follow anybodies advise is foolish at best , I am merely presenting data and methods in template form that have worked well for me and others for people to try with out shelling out hard earned cache to the fitness industry. If you do not like something I suggest by all means don’t do it, and if you have suggestions I would love to hear them, I really enjoy learning new stuff.

    You are encouraged to tailer the program to suit your specific needs and there is this community of very cool helpful people ( you have already met some of ) here that will help you based on their personal experience.

    Try it you will like it, just start slow these seemingly simple innocuous workouts tend to sneak up on people more so ironically for people who are already in good shape which it sounds like you are.

    This is me before I could not do 1 dead hang pull up


    This is me know, I often do 40-50 dead hang a workout



    Wow, what a transformation!


    Thank you so much for getting back to me and sharing your story. Congratulations on your accomplishments! The scientist in me was dying to know, and the Naturopath in me was dying to connect. Indeed, this seems like a supportive and close community. Everyone has been so kind and prompt with their responses. I look forward to the simplefit challenge. I am by no means looking down my nose at the idea of pull-ups. Woah Billy. Look out scout. I did L1D1 (or the killer… or something?? I briefy read the thread about new work out names… can’t quite remember the suggestions) this morning and was fatigued with out a doubt. And I wasn’t even doing real pull-ups. It’ll come. I’m pretty body aware and know my limits.

    Anyhoo, thanks again and have a great day!

    Oh and for those of you who were wondering like I was aobut the timing for Day 2 I found this thread link: http://simplefit.org/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=171&highlight=2+timing

    doesn’t really answer the question, but she’s right, as long as you’re consistent




    Wow Kevin – what a change!

    It is nice to put a face to the “boss.”

    Tonia! You sound a lot like I did when I started. Keep that “body aware” gift working for you. I want to see you progress.



    Wow is right!

    Thanks for sharing Kevin.



    It’s nice to meet you, Tonia!

    Hrm. I somehow got the wrong idea about Day 2. I was doing roudn andfter round with no rest period until all 5 rounds were done. How wrong is that? What’s the reason for the wait period? Or will I find that out now that i’m at Level 2?

    Quite a transformation indeed, Kevin. You have a lovely wife and beautiful son.

    Now that I’m working out, perhaps one day I’ll have a lovely wife and beautiful child… and I’ll certainly be around longer.I credit this website with (in all likelyhood) adding 20 years to my lifespan. This is important, because I’m 34, and my dad died at 57. Also, I love the 18 year old that I’m dating, and when she comes back from boot camp (and if we’re still together) I want her to like my body.

    Kevin is doing a Good Thing(tm) here.

    Maybe I should post a Before picture in my workout log. Or a link to one, to save the unwary people’s eyeballs from my pasty complexioned flabby self.


    Hiya just a thought for L2D2,

    I was doing them non-stop also but once I figured out you add a rest period I basically just timed the whole thing then subtracted 12 minutes.

    Because it’s strength I try not to worry about time so much as to do something in the workout that would make me stronger. Currently, I’m adding weight to the regimen.

    Today I add 10lbs to the pullups, do elevated pushups, and use a 20lbs wall ball with my squats.

    Hope that helps some. Keep pluggin away!


    Kevin, awesome progress. What is the timeframe between those two pics, just curious.

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