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    After radically scaling down crossfit for about a month, I am so glad I found this place!

    About me: 46 year-old male, 5′ 7″, 175lbs., 26% BMI. (No, I’m not posting a ‘before’ picture, but I do have one for motivation! It’s not pretty) Got out of the hospital a month and a half ago, admitted for chest pain. My very own personal workout-or-die-young call. I was in top shape once, about 10 years ago, but let myself go. The advantage of that is knowing already that it can be done!

    When I got out of the hospital, I couldn’t do 1 pull-up, or more then 10 push-ups at a time. Squatting left me gasping for breath after 15 reps. Discovering crossfit helped alot, but not being able to do the workouts as Rx’ed was bringing me down. Simplefit has been a god-send! Thanks, Kevin!

    Some numbers:

    Very first Crossfit Total, 6/18/07

    – Back Squat – 135lbs.

    – Dead Lift – 155lbs.

    – Push Press – 75lbs.

    – Total – 365lbs. (pathetic!)

    2nd Crossfit Total, 7/6/07

    – Back Squat – 185lbs.

    – Dead Lift – 225lbs.

    – Push Press – 105lbs.

    – Total – 515lbs. Still an untrained novice by crossfit’s standards, but getting there.

    1st week of simplefit:


    L1D1: 34 rds. in 19:57 (I was feeling pretty good about that until my 22 year-old son did 46 rds. in roughly the same time…)


    L1D2: 1st time, not counting rest: 4:34 2nd time, not counting rest: 3:51


    L1D3: 1st time, 3:27 2nd time, 3:36 I had to have 2 assists on the pull-ups in the first round, 1 assist on the 2nd. Moving on to L2 today, will post more later.



    So how many pullups can you do now? A month and a half ago, you said you said you couldn’t do any.

    I still can’t do any… I think it may be that my doorframe is too damn narrow. So i do body rows instead.


    Hi goodluckfox,

    Thanks for the welcome!

    I can do 6 pull-ups in a row with lots of kipping. If I switch to a parallel grip or an underhand grip, I can do 9 in a row. Again, lots of flailing, grunting and groaning under the bar. 😆 Thanks for asking.

    Hang in there, don’t quit. It’s going to happen for you too!


    Welcome – good start!



    Haven’t tried the Crossfit Total yet but I’m hoping to get there someday soon. Yep old guy here too.

    Can’t tell you how many chest pains I see with your age group. Gettin scary.

    I hope to set an example for all my people in my organization and get them on the right track.

    Simplefit is an awesome place to start.

    Good luck! Everyone on here has been awesome.



    I know what you mean about seeing lots of chest painers among the 40- something crowd. I’m not only seeing more of that, but also more people my age in the obits! Verrry sobering. You sound like you’re involved in medicine.. are you?

    O.K. no more procrastinating. Here’s todays workout.

    L2D1: 31 rounds in 19:53. Kinda disappointing. I was hoping to equal or exceed the number of rounds I did in L1D1, but no dice. But this is the first workout I’ve done where pull-ups didn’t hold me back. Squats and push-ups did! 😆 Also on the plus side, I was looking in my journal, and noticed I was able to do twice the total reps in the time allotted today, then when I did my first workout outside the hospital on 6/2/07. I’m pretty stoked about that!

    Here’s that first workout for comparison:

    30 jumping jacks (warm-up)

    4 jump chin-ups (It was all I could do to get that many. old fat guys can’t jump either) 😆

    30 leg raises (I hate sit-ups and crunches)

    60 squats

    30 push-ups, all finished in 20 minutes, 124 total reps.

    I am loving simplefit!


    Glad you like it!

    I am gonna be 40 this year and in way better shape than I was at 17. I wish I new about this type of workout at 17.


    Couldn’t agree more. Actually I was doing a lot of this when I was in the Marine Corp years ago. Pretty dam fit then heh.

    Yep I’m a medical guy. I work as a Physician Assistant in the military. Good stuff!

    Your definitely headed in the right direction.

    I come from a long line of males dying in their 60’s. I plan to avoid that like the plague.

    I’m kinda hoping to be the oldest Crossfitter or Simplefitter alive !!!!

    Got to reach my goal of completing all the girls first though heh.

    Wouldn’t that be awesome to be 80 years old and doing 40-50 pullups?


    This works like nothing else I have tried


    bad title but fantastic information

    If you do it get all your syndrome x baseline blood work done before hand, you will be amazed.

    After doing this all my markers improved dramatically, so much so my doc thought I was on statins ;)


    Morning weigh-in today, stark nekkid, I was.. drumroll please.. 168 lbs.!! Yeah, baby. I haven’t been below 170 in years!

    Doin’ all right

    gettin’ good grades

    futures so bright

    gotta wear.. shades.. 😉


    Took my skinny self to the weight room today..strength day

    Did 5 x 5’s of:

    back squats @ 155 lbs.

    push presses @ 95 lbs.

    dead lifts @ 170 lbs.

    Not a cardio day, but no lollygaggin’ either. Did 75 total full rom, slow, heavy reps in 37 minutes including rest periods. I kept the rests to 3 minutes or less between sets.


    5×5 is great stuff and what people don’t realize is it will have as big if not bigger net effect as cardio due to EPOC and tissue repair.


    That is why I often suggest that as people get to the upper level workouts they should consider wighted vests and more aggressive body angles if they want to work on strength rather than strength endurance. Depends on your goals.


    Worked out late today, first day of IF and I didn’t really have the energy until several hours after my window closed. Anyway..

    L2D2 – 4:30

    I was pretty sore from yesterday’s strength session, but actually feel better now, less stiff and sore.


    3 miles on the treadmill, leisurely pace, 52 minutes. Didn’t even break a sweat until the 3rd mile, but this still might be all I do today. My second day of IF is taking a toll in energy, and I’m at work, so I have to be able to function. Still planning to do L2D3 tomorrow though.

    Kevin, or anyone else who knows: Does your eating window in IF have to be the same every day, or can it change from day to day?


    No it can change as long as the actual window stays the same.

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