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    If simplefit has had a positive impact you we would like to hear about it.



    I said it in another post. I’ve worked out with free weights since I was a teenager. This summer I realized I was basically going through the motions in the gym. I wasn’t making any progress. I had too much bodyfat (26%) and wasn’t really enjoying working out. I decided to make some changes and performing the simplefit workout was something I decided to try. Despited working with freeweights for so long, I was still kind of a weakling when it came to pullups. I couldn’t do any with good form and maybe 4 with a lot of kicking and grunting.

    It’s only been 3 weeks since I started simplefit, and I noticed that I really look forward to the workout and I go outside to the park on the way to work. instead of being stuck in the smelly dark gym everyday with the ugly fluorescent lights. I enjoy being outdoors in the mornings and working out. I even competed in a duathlon (2m run, 14m bike, 2m run) last week and finished in 1 hour 32 minutes. I feel that my new renewed enjoyment of working out led me to try something I’ve never done before.

    Since I decided to make these changes about 6 weeks ago I’ve lost 20+ pounds and my body fat is less than 20%. I can do 3-4 pull-ups with good form and maybe 4 or 5 more with some kipping.

    I still go to the gym sometimes but I keep to deadlifts, benches, squats and push presses.

    Anyway, to sum up, I’m basically more fit than I was in college and have renewed passion for working out and fitness.

    One downside, I tore a callous this morning. Ouch. 👿 But I used that skin super glue to glue it back down so I’m hoping that will help it heal so it doesn’t hurt come Monday.

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