How long will it take until I can notice results?

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    I’m in my third week of simplefit now, and while I accept it can’t be that fast, I’d like to know when I will start seeing first results, both in feeled strength and visually.

    Also, as I’m sixteen years young, I’d like to know if eating right is really that important, because my mother tells what I’ll eat, I’m not doin my food myself. So I eat much vegetables, 2 times daily bread with cheese and a bit of fruits. Is this healthy enough or should I tell my mother to change something?

    Thanks in advance, and apologize if it’s not the right subforum!


    I’ve been doing simplefit for about 5 months now, and track some statistics. According to these statistics, on average I increase my strength by 10% each week.This is true even after 5 months – although I have recently switched to doing the exercises with a 10kg weight west. So you will not see dramatic results, it is more a continous improvement.

    Food is very important: you can either lose weight, or gain muscles. I think it is best to lose weight first (if you want), best with a ketogenic diet (low carb, high fat). If you want to gain muscles you have to eat some carbs, preferably after the exercise and only if you were really training hard.

    Some very good sites to get information about nutrition / losing weight:

    Also, I have a collection of videos about Low Carb High Fat:


    I wonder about this too. In the last post you mentioned strength gains but when will you notice changes when you look at yourself in the mirror?


    That really will depend on your effort level, your diet, and your genetics. For example, if you’re doing day one and you manage to get 20 reps, is 20 really the best you could do, or could you really have done 22 but decided to take a bit of a longer break? Your dedication is what will determine how fast you see results. So keep working out hard, stay focused and inspired and you’ll see results soon enough.


    Thank you for the reply scumdogg.

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